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Resource Planning

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Resource Planning Factsheets available require Adobe Acrobat Reader to download.

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Download ALL 27 Factsheets [PDF] at one time
Download STEPS 1-9 [PDF] Factsheets at one time

Download INDIVIDUAL Factsheets (select from below)

Resource Planning Guidebook Introduction [PDF]
Why Resource Planning? [PDF]
Resource Planning Tips for Conservation Partners [PDF]
Resource Planning As A Learning Experience [PDF]
Public Participation in Resource Planning [PDF]
Working with the Media [PDF]
Developing a Contact List [PDF]
Building Local Ownership of Resource Plans [PDF]
Assessing the Need for Resource Planning [PDF]
Identifying Stakeholders for the Planning Committee [PDF]
Establishing Operating Procedures for the Planning Committee [PDF]
Defining the Planning Area [PDF]
Identifying Resource Concerns (Step1) [PDF]
Determining Objectives (Step 2) [PDF]
Developing A Mission Statement [PDF]
Scoping the Planning Process [PDF]
Setting Up the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)  [PDF]
Conducting Resource Inventories (Step 3)  [PDF]
National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)  [PDF]
Understanding Communities for Successful Resource Planning  [PDF]
Analyzing Resource Data (Step 4)  [PDF]
Developing Alternatives (Step 5)  [PDF]
Evaluating Alternatives (Step 6) [PDF]
Making Decisions (Step 7)  [PDF]
Resource Plan Format and Content  [PDF]
Obtaining Funding for Plan Implementation [PDF]
Implementing the Resource Plan (Step 8)  [PDF]
Evaluating the Resource Plan (Step 9)  [PDF]
Inventories and Evaluations (I&E) [PDF]
(RAP-M) Rapid Assessment, Point Method & Bathmaster [PDF]

2015 Map of Locally Led Resource Planning Projects now available [PDF] Location of project areas. A little large for viewing on web, but prints from color ink-jet are fine.