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Soil Laboratory Data

Soil Laboratory Data

This file contains soil sample locations and corresponding laboratory data for samples completed by the soil characterization laboratory at the University of Illinois and NRCS National Soil Survey Lab. The data format is shapefile and consists of two data sets, one for each respective lab. There are approximately 2,000 sample sites between the data sets. Download the data which has the following projection: (There are several obvious errors in the location of some University of Illinois samples, which will be fixed as time permits):

Download TAR for the PC

Download COMPRESS for the PC

Download UNCOMPRESS for the PC

Projection LAMBERT

Datum NAD27

Zunits NO

Units FEET

Spheroid CLARKE1866

Xshift 0.0000000000

Yshift 0.0000000000


33 0 0.000 /* 1st standard parallel

45 0 0.000 /* 2nd standard parallel

-89 30 0.000 /* central meridian

33 0 0.000 /* latitude of projection's origin

914400.00000 /* false easting (meters)

0.00000 /* false northing (meters)


Soil Laboratory Data is also available at:

USDA National Soil Survey Laboratory
Soil Geochemistry Spatial database
NSSL GOOGLE point data