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RCPP - 2017 Illinois Projects

The application cutoff dates are: January 19 and March 16, 2018
2017 Projects


Upper Macoupin Creek Watershed Partnership
Illinois contributes 20% of the Nitrogen and 11% of the Phosphorus, yet only 7% of the water to the Gulf of Mexico through the Mississippi River. The Illinois Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy identifies the Macoupin Creek HUC 8 Watershed as one of the three highest P-yielding watersheds and outlines a voluntary approach to stemming nutrient loss through widespread adoption of agricultural conservation management practices. With little new funding, public-private partnerships will be critical for implementation, and such a partnership was recently formed in the Upper Macoupin Creek sub watershed. Ongoing activities include farmer and non-operator landowner outreach (field days, workshops and producer interviews), soil transect surveys and water quality monitoring, and enrollment of producers in state and federal cost share programs to implement conservation practices on agricultural and forested private lands. Through the new Upper Macoupin Creek Watershed Partnership with the Natural Resources Conservation Service, the American Trust and 11 partners will address a major barrier to practice implementation – the need for expensive new equipment – by offering reduced rate custom application with a new tillage tool, the “SoilWarrior”, allowing for strip tillage, nutrient placement and cover crop seeding all in one pass. The project will raise awareness of soil lost from un-managed forestlands by establishing a forest management demonstration site in partnership with Blackburn College, and be able to respond to requests from a traditionally underserved community in the watershed to help them with sedimentation issues.

The application cutoff dates are: January 19 and March 16, 2018

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