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Illinois Native Plant Guide - Pin Oak - Pages 116-117

Illinois Native Plant Guide

Pin Oak
Quercus palustris

Preferred Water Depth and Inundation Tolerance

Prefers moist to saturated soils, but will tolerate up to 3 inches of standing water for short periods.

Wildlife Value

Acorns of this species are eaten by wildlife. Also used as cover and nesting sites.


Used for upland slope buffer stabilization.

Availability, Establishment, and Maintenance

  • Readily transplantable due to shallow fibrous root system.
  • Seed must be stratified at 32-41o F for 30 to 45 days. Must be kept moist or seeds will die.
  • CAUTION: Only use in eastern sector in sandier, more acidic soils. Does not do well in calcareous till soils with higher clay content and high pH.

Pin Oak
Quercus palustris

Mature HeightPin Oak
Up to 75 feet

Plant Type
Deciduous tree

Indicator Status
Facultative Wet

Slightly acidic

Nutrient Load Tolerance

Salt Tolerance
Low to moderate

Siltation Tolerance

Flowering Color and Time
July to September

Light Preference
Full sun
Not shade tolerant

Seeding Rate
Not applicable

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