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Illinois Native Plant Guide - Common Mountain Mint - Pages 110-111

Illinois Native Plant Guide

Common Mountain Mint
Pycnanthemum virginianum

Preferred Water Depth and Inundation Tolerance

Prefers moist to saturated soil in sedge meadow, wet prairie, and mesic prairie zones. Species tolerates inundation only early in the season for short periods.

Wildlife Value

Attracts butterflies.


Stoloniferous growth habit stabilizes soil on upper shoreline zones, upland slope buffers, and in vegetated swales.

Availability, Establishment, and Maintenance

  • Can be established from seed, as this species quickly invades new restoration areas.
  • Propagation can be achieved by cuttings and division in the spring. The tops of young plants can be pinched off to provide a more sturdy growth habit.
  • Tolerates limited mowing.

Common Mountain Mint
Pycnanthemum virginianum

Mature HeightCommon Mountain Mint
20-36 inches

Plant Type
Perennial herb

Indicator Status
Facultative Wet (+)


Nutrient Load Tolerance

Salt Tolerance
Not available

Siltation Tolerance
Low to moderate

Flowering Color and Time
White with purple spots
July to August

Light Preference
Full sun

Seeding Rate
.02 - .06 lbs/acre

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