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Employee Vingette - Randy Dietz

Illinois' NRCS Employee Vignette

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Randy Dietz, Civil Engineering Technician
Carbondale, Illinois

Randy Dietz, Civil Engineering Technician

May 2008

Twenty years of service with the NRCS has been challenging and rewarding for Randy Dietz, Civil Engineering Technician in Carbondale, Illinois. Providing conservation services and solutions to landowners has at times been fulfilling as well. Randy gets a good feeling knowing he’s offered viable and time-tested solutions to a farm and landowner, and has addressed conservation issues on the farm and improved manageability as well.

“I have installed waterways in fields that made three odd shaped fields into one field, reducing time on the tractor. I have applied dry dams adapted for machinery. These structures alleviate gullies and permit the use of machinery and maneuverability to otherwise unsafe areas,” according to Randy. Often by incorporating the same structures, Randy is able to provide access and productivity of land that was previously inaccessible by the landowner- that’s always a good thing!

“Although I thoroughly enjoy working with landowners and designing conservation systems, the most encouraging thing to me is the quality and heart of the next generation of young conservationists. These “new kids” are a bright, fast learners who have a lot of passion for our goals and the people we work with. I enjoy working with them and learning from them,” says Randy. “The future is in good hands.”

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