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Soil Health & Cover Crops - Questions

Questions to Consider

Once you select the cover crop or mix, and prior to seed purchase, consider some questions that may ensure a smoother experience with cover crops.

How will I successfully seed the cover crop?

What previous crop herbicides did I use and will they affect the cover crop(s) I want to plant?

What will soil temperature and moisture conditions be like?

What weather extremes and field traffic must it tolerate?

Will the cover crop winterkill in my area?

Should it winterkill, will I still meet my goals?

What kind of regrowth can I expect?

Are these cover crops species helpful for pollinators?

Are my cover crop species compatible with my cash crops?

Could my selected cover crop species act as a host in pest cycles in adjacent crops, or affect the next crop in the rotation?

Thinking through the answers to these questions can help you avoid some of the pitfalls that first time cover crop producers may experience.

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