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Idaho Engineering Drawings

Welcome to the Idaho Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) engineering software download site.

This site has recent drawings used by NRCS in Idaho use to assist private landowners, conservation districts and local government entities to plan and design conservation practices.

These drawings are site specific and typically the solutions are not transferrable to another site without modification.


Compressed Zip Filebioeng (4,261 KB)
A directory with many drawings using reinforced vegetative treatment, primarily for streambank stabilization, and secondarily for treating uplands.  Drawings are in AUTOCAD *.DWG format and most were created with release 13.  Along with all of the individual drawings, the drawings are saved as four self-extracting  files, bio_eng1.exe, bio_eng2.exe, bio_eng3.exe, bio_eng4.exe, and these can be downloaded individually.  Simply place the executable file in the directory where you want the drawings and execute the file by double clicking it.  Operating System – Windows 3.1 or greater with AutoCad or Auto Sketch.  Download File -, Zipped File.  Run File: none.

AutoCad DrawingWAPCP.ctb (5 KB)
This is the plot file for the drawings.  Those that have not previously downloaded it should load it on their computer.  This plot file installs in the program files\acad2000\plot style directory.

AutoCad DrawingCMP_INLET.dwg (195 KB)

AutoCad DrawingEmmitters and Manifolds.dwg (175 KB)

AutoCad DrawingEmmitters and Manifolds Details.dwg (128 KB)

AutoCad DrawingWSBasin.dwg (173 KB)

AutoCad Drawing5wire_det.dwg (142 KB)