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Idaho's Checklist/Guidance for Integrated Pest Management

The goal of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is to maintain best populations at tolerable levels.  The philosophy of IPM involves using ecological concepts and knowledge of pest biology to establish the natural checks and balances between crop plants, pests, beneficial insects, and the physical environment.  This approach reduces the reliance on pesticides.  Because these interactions are unique for each system, a site-specific strategy must be used.  This checklist and guidance will assist you in developing an IPM strategy for your land. Checklist_print_and _fill

Checklist Electronic Fillable Form (DOCX; 82 KB) 

Checklist Print and Fill (DOCX; 69 KB) 

Attachment 1 (PDF; 2.22 MB)

Attachments 2-6 (PDF; 816 KB)

Example of an IPM Plan (PDF; 90 KB)

Text file is a major portion of the checklist, and attachments (1, 2-6) are supporting information.  Attachment 1 is Basic Scouting Procedures, Attachment 2-6 includes Economic Thresholds, Weed Management Areas, Beneficial Insects, Biological Control, and an Idaho Example.