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WIN PST Evaluation Checklists

Idaho Agronomy Tech Note 18 describes the WIN PST screening tool used to evaluate pesticide risk to the environment, and provides guidelines for data entry, interpretation and planning appropriate mitigation.

A comprehensive sensitivity analysis of WIN PST has been completed, based on a large number of runs from a subset of the state-wide soils database.  WIN PST checklists have been developed based on this analysis for the majority of pesticide products currently used in Idaho.  There are eight different checklist based on soil texture.

The checklists can be used in lieu of completing site-specific WIN PST runs for basic planning purposes.  For more specific studies, or where more detailed information is desired, the WIN PST program should still be used.  The checklists provide an indication of the human and/or aquatic life hazard, as well as the mode(s) of off-site transport.  The planner still needs incorporate IPM components and provide a description of the planned mitigation practices based on hazards and transport mechanisms indicated on the checklists.  These practices and techniques should be tailored to the specific site.