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National Engineering Forms

These forms have been scanned for use in Washington.  They may or may not be current or still in use on a national level.

The following files require Adobe Reader or WinZip

ENG-006 Utility Check List (PDF; 34KB)
ENG-034 Reservoir Sediment Data Summary (PDF; 71KB)
ENG-59 Report on Concrete Specimens (PDF; 38KB)
ENG-127 Soil Permeability (PDF; 48KB)
ENG-128 Consolidation Test (PDF; 58KB)
ENG-128a Log Time Consolidation (PDF; 60KB)
ENG-128b Time Consolidation (PDF; 94KB)
ENG-129 Undisturbed Sample Characteristics (PDF; 34KB)
ENG-130 Grain Size Analysis Form (PDF; 39KB)
ENG-130A Drain Materials (PDF; 36KB)
ENG-131 Soil Classification (PDF; 52KB)
ENG-132 Furrow Intake Test Data (PDF; 56KB)
ENG-132A Furrow Intake Test - Flow Measurements (PDF; 21KB)
ENG-132B Furrow Intake Test - Computation of Furrow Intake Rate (PDF; 66KB)
ENG-145 Seismograph Velocity Graph (PDF; 31KB)
ENG-209 Reservoir Capacity Computation Sheet - Range Method (PDF; 44KB)
ENG-210 Reservoir Capacity Computation Sheet - Contour Method (PDF; 31KB)
ENG-342 Earthfill Computations - Center Height Method (PDF; 31KB)
ENG-352 Compaction and Penetration Resistance (PDF; 33KB)
ENG-353 Soil Classification (PDF; 50KB)
ENG-354 Soil Mechanics Lab Data (PDF; 28KB)
ENG-355A Triaxial Shear Test (PDF; 42KB)
ENG-356 Request for Soil Mechanics Services (PDF; 49KB)
ENG-359 Worksheet for Compaction and Penetration Resistance Data (PDF; 48KB)
ENG-361 Work Sheet for Atterberg Limits (PDF; 22KB)
ENG-364 Specific Gravity Work Sheet (PDF; 55KB)
ENG-365 Sand Sieve Work Sheet (PDF; 56KB)
ENG-366 Direct Shear Test (PDF; 32KB)
ENG-372A Placement of Earth Fill Materials (PDF; 29KB)
ENG-376A Detailed Geologic Investigation of Dam Sites (PDF; 36KB)
ENG-376B Detailed Geologic Investigation of Dam Sites (PDF; 17KB)
ENG-376C Detailed Geologic Investigation of Dam Sites (PDF; 12KB)
ENG-383 Water Flow and Water Pressure Test Report - Geologic Investigations (PDF; 37KB)
ENG-384 Part III - Flow Test Data (PDF; 27KB)
ENG-385 Part IV - Graphic Results (Plot of Data - Parts II and III) (PDF; 19KB)
ENG-523A Computation Sheet (PDF; 22KB)
ENG-526 Blasting Report (PDF; 17KB)
ENG-529 Earthwork Computation Sheet (PDF; 48KB)
ENG-530A Bulk Sand Density Determination and Calibration of Cone and Base
Plate Inplace Moisture-Density Determination
(PDF; 63KB)
ENG-530B Sand Cone Method - Specified Fraction Control Inplace
Moisture-Density Determination
(PDF; 65KB)
ENG-530C Sand Cone Method - Inplace Moisture-Density Determination (PDF; 57KB)
ENG-530D Rubber Balloon Method - Inplace Moisture-Density Determination (PDF; 59KB)
ENG-530E Calibrated Cylinder Method - Inplace Moisture-Density Determination (PDF; 63KB)
ENG-530H Rapid Compaction Method - Rubber Balloon Displacement (PDF; 39KB)
ENG-533 Log of Test Holes (PDF; 25KB)
ENG-533T Log of Test Holes (PDF; 24KB)
ENG-534 Soil Sample List - Soil and Foundation Investigation (PDF; 21KB)
ENG-535 Sieve Analysis (PDF; 81KB)
ENG-538 Soil Investigation to Determine Suitability of Proposed Pond Site (PDF; 80KB)
ENG-542 Visual Soil Classification (PDF; 32KB)
ENG-543 Bulk Specific Gravity and Moisture Determination (PDF; 81KB)
ENG-544 Daily Concrete Batching Record (PDF; 49KB)
ENG-545 Pile Driving Record (PDF; 40KB)
ENG-546 Bid Item Record Sheet (PDF; 38KB)
ENG-547 Construction Completion Report (PDF; 111KB)
ENG-548 Summary of Construction Quantities and Costs (PDF; 37KB)
ENG-550 Embankment Construction Report (PDF; 28KB)
ENG-551 Certification of Materials and Concrete Mixture (PDF; 47KB)
ENG-552 Concrete Batch Delivery Ticket (PDF; 43KB)
ENG-553 Concrete Trial Mix Data (PDF; 70KB)
ALL Download a zip file of all the above listed forms

(ZIP; 2.4MB)