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Reduced Tillage Sugar Beets


University of Idaho research paper “Effects of Strip Tillage and Irrigation Rate on Sugar Beet Crop Yield and Incidence of Insect Pests, Weeds, and Plant Pathogens”

“The results presented here show that strip-till sugar beet can be produced with yields comparable to conventional tillage without compromising pest management programs.”

USDA-ARS and University of Idaho research paper. “Effects of Tillage System and Nitrogen Supply on Sugarbeet Production

“Strip tillage can be used to obtain yields comparable to other common tillage practices and decrease tillage costs. Nitrogen requirements for all tillage practices could be reduced on heavier textured soils compared to past recommendations in the Pacific Northwest.”

Estimated tillage costs from strip till were 53% to 76% lower than other tillage systems tested.


No-Till Sugar Beets in Montana: Producer Perspectives (17 minutes includes dryland producers, and discussion about machinery used):

What do four no-till sugar beet growers have to say about how they got started, the challenges and opportunities they’ve seen, and advice for farmers considering making the change? Just try it.  These four farmers grow sugar beets under varying conditions, but they have seen the same crucial benefits from no-till – decreased input costs and improved soil health.