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Peak Streamflow Information


Peak Flow and Stage Forecasts from NWS

Snow Melt / Peak Streamflow Relationships (PDF; 146 KB) - Report by Kara Ferguson (2017) summarizing the relationship between snowmelt and peak streamflow timing on rivers throughout Idaho.


Snow-Stream Comparison Graphs:

Snow-Stream Comparison graphs on this page are updated between the beginning of snow melt and throughout the snow melt season to monitor peak streamflows.

Panhandle Region

Moyie River and Hawkins Lake SNOTEL

Clearwater River Basin

Selway River and Twin Lakes SNOTEL

Lochsa River and Lolo Pass SNOTEL

Salmon River Basin

MF Salmon River and Banner Summit SNOTEL

SF Salmon River and Big Creek Summit SNOTEL 

Weiser, Payette, and Boise River Basins

South Fork Boise River and Vienna Mine SNOTEL

Wood and Lost River Basins

Big Lost River and Lost Wood Divide SNOTEL

Upper Snake River Basins

Teton River and Phillips Bench SNOTEL

Teton River and Grand Targhee SNOTEL

Southside Snake River Basins

Owyhee River and Mud Flat SNOTEL

Owyhee River and South Mountain

Salmon Falls Creek and Pole Creek RS SNOTEL

Salmon Falls Creek and Magic Mountain SNOTEL

Bruneau River and Bear Creek SNOTEL