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Selway River Recession Analysis

Selway River Recession Analysis

This graph represents a recession analysis for the Selway River near Lowell.

The above analysis is based on 12 years of data between 1970-1995. Often the Selway River has multiple peaks, so this analysis is based on only when stream is receding. Increases in streamflow were ignored or if stream was not decreasing. If rain event or additional snowmelt generated a streamflow increase, the rising part of hydrograph was ignored, and only the recession flow was used to determine average recession rates.

Analysis is a guide to assist with recession flow determination, results vary and depend upon future streamflow peaks and past, current and future climatic conditions (additional rain and / or extreme hot or cool air temperatures).

To use: if today's mean daily flow is 15,000 cfs (Day 12) and launch date is 13 days out, flow may be just over 5,000 cfs (Day 25) on launch date. If a streamflow increase occurs between now and launch date, start over when stream starts receding.