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Winter Recreation

Note: All depths are provided in inches. Some SNOTEL sites are not equipped with snow depth sensors and thus do not appear in the snow depth products. To access a clickable map linked to all SNOTEL data click here.

Snow Depth Maps



Snow Depth Change


Snow Depth



Snow Depth 


Western US

Snow Depth

           1 Day
           3 Day 
           7 Day 

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Snow Depth Reports

Frequently asked questions about snow depth data - click here.

Hourly Data Regional Reports - Snow Depth, SWE, PREC, and air temperature past two days for all sites with a snow depth sensor

Idaho Daily Snow Depth - (Updated daily)

Idaho Snow Depth Change Reports - (Updated daily)

Idaho Regional Snow Depth Rate of Change Reports, 4-days with SWE and Avg. Air temperature - (Updated daily)

Weather Underground Snow Depth Tables:

Snow Depth Graphs

Selected sites, SWE and snow depth, current and last year - (Updated daily).  



Ski Area Reports and Links