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Idaho State EQIP Ranking and Payment Schedules for 2013

General EQIP Payment Schedule
(Available in all Idaho Counties)  (PDF; 260 KB)
General EQIP Historically Underserved Payment Schedule  (PDF; 260 KB)

EQIP Special Projects Payment Schedule  (PDF; 260 KB)
EQIP Special Projects Historically Underserved Payment Schedule  (PDF; 261 KB)

Note: The EQIP Special Projects payment schedules now contain the practice payment information contained in previous years in the Organic, On-Farm Energy, Sage Grouse Initiative and High Tunnel Initiative payment schedules.

Note:  Historically Underserved payment schedule rates are available to members of groups that have been found by USDA to have been historically underserved by USDA programs in the past.  Please visit your local USDA Service Center to determine whether or not you qualify for these increased payment rates.

Idaho EQIP Funding Pools:

The EQIP Program has various "funding pools" to assure funds are available for a variety of projects across various land use types, for special emphasis resource needs and to assure that various underserved groups have access to assistance.  Idaho is divided into six (6) administrative Divisions.

Within each Division, there are funding pools for:

  • Irrigated Cropland
  • Dry Cropland
  • Forested Lands
  • Range-Pasture-Hay-Grazed Forest Lands
  • Irrigated Pasture - Irrigated Hay Lands
  • Forest Lands

In addition, there are statewide funding pools for:

  • EQIP Organic - Certified
  • EQIP Organic - Transition
  • EQIP Socially Disadvantaged Producers - Irrigated Lands
  • EQIP Socially Disadvantaged Producers - Non-Irrigated Lands
  • EQIP Beginning Farmer/Rancher - Irrigated Lands
  • EQIP Beginning Farmer/Rancher - Non-Irrigated Lands
  • EQIP Species of Concern
  • EQIP Streambank
  • EQIP Ag Energy Management Plan
  • EQIP Conservation Activity Plan
  • EQIP Sage-grouse Initiative
  • EQIP SPCC (Fuel Spill Containment) Conservation Activity Plan
  • EQIP SPCC - Spill Containment Structure Implementation

Idaho EQIP Funding Pools:

Each Division has its own application ranking sheet as does the State:

Division I Ranking Sheets

Division II Ranking Sheets

Division III Ranking Sheets

Division IV Ranking Sheets

Division V Ranking Sheets

Division VI Ranking Sheets

Division III, IV, V and VI Combined Fund Pool

Statewide Ranking Sheets: