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2008 How EQIP Works in Idaho

Idaho 2008 State EQIP

How EQIP Works in Idaho

For 2008, EQIP funding will be offered on a county basis.  NRCS, with advice from Local Working Groups (LWGs) and the State Technical Advisory Committee (STAC), determined the majority of funding would be sent to the counties for selection of contracts.  Available conservation practices and cost-share rates may vary in some counties.  Ranking sheets are similar statewide, but have been customized by the LWGs to highlight most critical resource concerns.   County Ranking Sheets

EQIP applications may be submitted at anytime during the year.  In order to respond to Idaho's conservation and environmental needs, the deadline for consideration of fiscal year 2008 applications closes on November 23, 2007.  The ranking period will begin following the close of application acceptance.  The 2009 applications and ranking periods have not been determined.

Tribal Special Funds

In addition to the allocated county funding, funds will be set aside for the federally recognized Tribes in Idaho.  Applications on Tribal lands with Tribal member owners or operators will receive priority consideration for these funds.  The county protocol and ranking will be used.

Funding Allocations

The following documents show the initial allocation to counties.  Funds may be moved between counties by the State Conservationist as needed to obtain the highest environmental benefits from the overall program.    County Funding   

Applications scoring the highest number of points will receive funding.  Counties will use a screening process completed during an interview with the applicant regarding the resource concerns that exist on the farm or ranch and how the applicant wants to treat these problems.  Based on this screening process, applications for full ranking will be selected.  At that time a field investigation will be conducted to determine the final ranking score.  The determining factor for which applications will move forward for full ranking will be the availability of funding.

If a county or Tribe does not have adequate applications to use all allocated funds, the remaining dollars will be re-allocated to counties with high priority applications remaining after their initial allocation has been obligated. 


Idaho EQIP Fiscal Year 2008 Contacts
Please contact the District Conservationist in the USDA Service Center nearest the location of your property. 

Idaho EQIP Program Manager: 
Bob Bartholomew
Phone: (208) 378-5703