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Idaho Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP) - 2017

2017 Conservation Stewardship Program Signup Has Ended

Applications that are received will be evaluated for FY 2018

No one knows more about your land than you do, and no one knows more about conservation than we do. Together we can develop a plan tailored to your land and your goals to help you increase productivity and protect the value of your land.

Our Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP) helps you build on your existing conservation efforts while strengthening your operation.  Whether you are looking to improve grazing conditions, increase crop yields, or develop wildlife habitat, we can custom design a CSP plan to help you meet those goals. We can help you schedule timely planting of cover crops, develop a grazing plan that will improve your forage base, implement no-till to reduce erosion or manage forested areas in a way that benefits wildlife habitat.  If you are already taking steps to improve the condition of the land, chances are CSP can help you find new ways to meet your goals.

The Conservation Stewardship Program pays participants for conservation performance.

CSP is available to all producers regardless of operation size or crop produced. Landowners must enroll their entire operation. Eligible lands include cropland, hayland, pastureland, rangeland, nonindustrial private forest lands, and agricultural land under the jurisdiction of an Indian tribe. Participation in the program is voluntary.

Fact Sheets

What's New for 2017

2014 Farm Bill CSP Fact Sheet

CSP Program Application

CSP Evaluation Questions by Land Use

CSP Enhancements

CSP Payments

CSP Ranking

To see the geographic area maps:

2017 CSP - Conservation Stewardship Program - Targeted Resource Concerns

Geographic Areas Targeted Resource Concerns
Ranking Pools Division Soil Erosion Water Quality Degradation Fish and Wildlife Soil Quality Degradation Degraded Plant Conditions Air Quality Impacts Livestock Production Limitation
Agricultural Land - South (below the Idaho County Southern Boundary) Divisions 3, 4, 5 and 6 X X X X X    
Agricultural Land - North (above the Idaho County Southern Boundary) Divisions 1 and 2 X X X X X    
Nonindustrial Private Forest Land All Divisions   X X X X X  
Agricultural Land - Sage-grouse Within Geographic Area X   X X X  


Additional Information:

National NRCS CSP 2017


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Idaho CSP

Orie Winger, CSP Program Manager
Phone: (208) 378-5721

This page will be updated as soon as information becomes available. Please check back often.