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National Enhancements (with Idaho-Specific Info. Where Applicable) - 2017


CSP is for producers who want to take their conservation efforts to the next level. Most CSP applicants have already been applying conservation practices to their land. Through CSP, they have the opportunity to give those practices a boost with conservation activities called “enhancements.” Enhancements take conservation practices to a higher level of stewardship. CSP applicants work on-one-one with their NRCS conservation planner to select enhancements that best fit their management goals and that will address resource concerns on the enrolled operation.

Click the links below to see the list of the enhancements that are offered in Idaho.


CSP applicants that want to take their conservation efforts even further may consider “bundles” of enhancement activities. Some enhancements work together to provide increased conservation benefits when they are implemented as a group. Producers may consider adopting these enhancement groups or “bundles” on their operation.

Bundles receive a higher level of financial assistance to encourage the holistic approach to generate additional conservation benefits. Each bundle has three or more required enhancements, and for some bundles, the applicant has the option to pick additional enhancements from a select list that addresses specific resource concerns. Bundles have enhancements grouped according to land use – crop, pasture, range and forest, as well as for the Sage-grouse Initiative.

Many producers find that the bundles make sense to implement on their operation. Producers interested in implementing bundles on their property can visit with their local NRCS conservation planner to learn more about them.

Idaho CSP

Orie Winger, CSP Program Manager
Phone: (208) 378-5721