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2004 Idaho EQIP Application Process

Idaho 2004 State EQIP Sign-Up and Application Information

Idaho EQIP Application Process

Idaho land owners and operators may submit an EQIP application at any time during the year.  Sign-ups are conducted at USDA Service Centers or customers may obtain the necessary forms on-line and mail or fax in an application.  If an application is faxed, the applicant must later sign the forms in person at a USDA Service Center since the original signatures are required.  The process involves completing a CCC-1200 form and signing the attached appendix.  During this process, the applicant will need to provide information on which conservation practices they would like to include in the contract.  Depending on the completeness of the application, a NRCS representative may need to obtain further information and make a farm or ranch visit to determine resource conditions during the ranking process.

The CCC-1200 serves as both the application and later as the contract document.  Applications are held until the next available ranking and funding period.  Applicants will be notified following the ranking process whether or not funds were available to fund their application.  If funding was not available, they will be informed that their application was "deferred" until the next ranking period.  The application remains valid unless changed or withdrawn by the applicant.

If the application or applicant is determined to be ineligible for participation in the EQIP program, the applicant will be notified that their application has been cancelled.

EQIP Sign Up Information is Now On-Line!

EQIP Sign-up information is now available online.  Click on the state where your farm or ranching interest is located.  This will take you to the application information for that state, the official ranking criteria used to evaluate your application, and a link to the form CCC-1200, Application for Participation and/or Contract.

State EQIP Application Information, 2004 

Forms Needed to Signup:

CCC-1200, Conservation Program Contract
CCC-1200A, Appendix to the Contract, EQIP Special Contract Provisions
Calidad Ambiental, (EQIP, por sus siglas en Ingl�s)

USDA Service Center EForms Web Site - for instructions and information

Idaho EQIP Fiscal Year 2004 Contacts

Please contact the District Conservationist in the USDA Service Center nearest the location of your property. 

Idaho EQIP Program Manager: 
Bob Bartholomew
Phone: (208) 378-5703