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Idaho Water Quality Initiative

The Water Quality Initiative was designed to address two primary water quality concerns in small watersheds:

- Excessive nutrients and organic in surface water and
- Excessive suspended sediment and turbidity in surface water

Application Period: Applications are accepted on a continuous basis throughout the year.  Applications received after October 16, 2015 will be considered for funding in 2017.

Conservation Practices:

Through the initiative, NRCS is encouraging producers to implement a system of practices that addresses the priority resource concerns through avoiding, controlling, or trapping pollutants.  Conservation practice examples include:

Conservation Practices Avoiding Controlling Trapping
Conservation Cover X    
Conservation Crop Rotation X    
Contour Buffer Strips     X
Cover Crop X    
Irrigation System, Microirrigation X    
Irrigation System, Sprinkler X    
Irrigation System, Surface and Subsurface X    
Nutrient Management X    
Prescribed Grazing X    
Range Planting   X  
Residue and Tillage Management, Mulch Till   X  
Residue and Tillage Management, No Till/Strip Till/Direct Seed   X  
Streambank and Shoreline Protection X    
Terrace   X  
Tree/Shrub Establishment X    
Vegetative Buffer     X
Water and Sediment Control Basin   X X

Target Watersheds Map:

Photo of Dixie Sough, Lower Sand Hollow Creek and Outlet Boise River watersheds.