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Technical References - Plant Fact Sheets, Plant Guides and Technical Notes

Aberdeen PMC Plant Release Brochures

Document Type and Size Document Type and Size
Aberdeen Selection of Laurel Willow (PDF; 155 KB) Maple Grove Germplasm Lewis Flax (PDF; 321 KB)
Amethyst Germplasm Hoary Tansyaster     (PDF; 119 KB) 'Nezpar' Indian Ricegrass (PDF; 433 KB)
'Anatone' Selected Class Germplasm Bluebunch Wheatgrass (PDF; 228 KB) 'Paiute' Orchardgrass (PDF; 186 KB)
'Appar' Blue Flax (PDF; 329 KB) 'Recovery' Western Wheatgrass (PDF; 190 KB)
'Bannock' Thickspike Wheatgrass (PDF; 169 KB) 'Regar' Meadow Brome (PDF; 177 KB)
Clearwater Selection Venus Penstemon (PDF; 319 KB) Richfield Selection Firecracker Penstemon (PDF; 349 KB)
'Delar' Small Burnet (PDF; 188 KB) 'Rush' Intermediate Wheatgrass (PDF; 313 KB)
'Ephraim' Crested Wheatgrass (PDF; 172 KB) 'Sodar' Streambank Wheatgrass (PDF; 121 KB)
'Goldar' Bluebunch Wheatgrass (PDF; 139 KB) 'Tegmar' Dwarf Intermediate Wheatgrass (PDF; 446 KB)
'Magnar' Basin Wildrye (PDF; 135 KB) 'Vavilov II' Siberian Wheatgrass (PDF; 190 KB)

Intermountain West Plant Guides

Grasses Plant Guides

Document Type and Size Document Type and Size
Altai Wildrye (PDF; 303 KB) Perennial Ryegrass (PDF; 120 KB)
Basin Wildrye (PDF; 362 KB) Prairie Junegrass (PDF; 108 KB)
Bluebunch Wheatgrass (PDF; 227 KB) Purple Oniongrass (PDF; 183 KB)
Bottlebrush Squirreltail & Big Squirreltail (PDF; 311 KB) Purple Threeawn (PDF; 469 KB)
Bulbous Bluegrass (PDF; 109 KB) Red Fescue (PDF; 269 KB)
Canada Bluegrass (PDF; 194 KB) Redtop (PDF; 196 KB)
Cheatgrass   (PDF; 147 KB) RS Hybrid Wheatgrass (PDF; 184 KB)
Columbia Needlegrass  (PDF; 153 KB) Russian Wildrye (PDF; 315 KB)
Creeping Foxtail (PDF; 321 KB) Sandberg Bluegrass (PDF; 324 KB)
Crested Wheatgrass (PDF; 192 KB) Sand Dropseed (PDF; 279 KB)
Dahurian Wildrye (PDF; 260 KB) Sheep Fescue (PDF; 286 KB)
Desert Needlegrass   (PDF; 205 KB) Siberian Wheatgrass (PDF; 166 KB)
Idaho Fescue (PDF; 266 KB) Slender Wheatgrass  (PDF; 557 KB)
Indian Ricegrass (PDF; 443 KB) Snake River Wheatgrass (PDF; 200 KB)
Intermediate Wheatgrass (PDF; 142 KB) Streambank Wheatgrass (PDF; 440 KB)
James' Galleta  (PDF; 121 KB) Sweetgrass (PDF; 101 KB)
Mammoth Wildrye (PDF; 301 KB) Tall Wheatgrass (PDF; 185 KB)
Meadow Brome   (PDF; 107 KB) Thickspike Wheatgrass (PDF; 440 KB)
Medusahead (PDF; 69 KB) Thurber's Needlegrass (PDF; 212 KB)
Mountain Brome (PDF; 606 KB) Timothy (PDF; 132 KB)
Muttongrass (PDF; 311 KB) Tufted Hairgrass (PDF; 242 KB)
Needle-and-Thread (PDF; 232 KB) Ventenata (PDF; 138 KB)
Orchardgrass (PDF; 200 KB) Western Wheatgrass (PDF; 112 KB)

Forbs and Legumes Plant Guides

Document Type and Size Document Type and Size
American Vetch  (PDF; 289 KB) Oneflower Helianthella (PDF; 299 KB)
Alsike Clover (PDF; 128 KB) Palmer's Penstemon (PDF; 81 KB)
Annual Agoseris (PDF; 126 KB) Purple Sage (PDF; 236 KB)
Arrowleaf Balsamroot (PDF; 178 KB) Red Clover (PDF; 99 KB)
Barestem Biscuitroot (PDF; 113 KB) Rocky Mountain Penstemon   (PDF; 157 KB)
Bigflower Agoseris (PDF; 89 KB) Royal Penstemon (PDF; 308 KB)
Blue and Lewis Flax (PDF; 109 KB) Rydberg’s Penstemon (PDF; 143 KB)
Blue Penstemon (PDF; 131 KB) Sainfoin (PDF; 147 KB)
Canadian Horseweed (PDF; 187 KB) Scarlet Globemallow (PDF; 160 KB)
Cicer Milkvetch (PDF; 288 KB) Searls' Prairie Clover (PDF; 184 KB)
Common Camas (PDF; 168 KB) Sharpleaf Penstemon (PDF; 230 KB)
Common Woolly Sunflower (PDF; 151 KB) Showy Goldeneye (PDF; 235 KB)
Cutleaf Balsamroot (PDF; 145 KB) Silky Lupine (PDF; 309 KB)
Douglas' Dustymaiden (PDF; 177 KB) Small Burnet (PDF; 258 KB)
Fernleaf Biscuitroot (PDF; 548 KB) Snow Buckwheat (PDF; 83 KB)
Firecracker Penstemon (PDF; 270 KB) Sticky Purple Geranium (PDF; 185 KB)
Gooseberryleaf Globemallow (PDF; 143 KB) Strawberry Clover (PDF; 114 KB)
Gray's Biscuitroot (PDF; 295 KB) Tall Blacktip Ragwort (PDF; 157 KB)
Halogeton (PDF; 294 KB) Tansy Ragwort (PDF; 221 KB)
Hoary Tansyaster (PDF; 284 KB) Tapertip Hawksbeard (PDF; 202 KB)
Hooker's Balsamroot (PDF; 158 KB) Thickleaf Penstemon (PDF; 176 KB)
Hotrock Penstemon (PDF; 272 KB) Venus Penstemon (PDF; 357 KB)
Lambstongue Ragwort (PDF; 105 KB) Western Aster (PDF; 117 KB)
Leafy Spurge  (PDF; 274 KB) Western Prairie Clover (PDF; 146 KB)
Limestone Hawksbeard (PDF; 180 KB) Western Yarrow (PDF; 338 KB)
Meadow Deathcamas (PDF; 178 KB) White Clover (PDF; 98 KB)
Mountain Goldenbanner (PDF; 137 KB) Wooly Groundsel (PDF; 147 KB)
Multilobed Groundsel and Rocky Mountain Groundsel (PDF; 130 KB) Yellow Beeplant (PDF; 240 KB)
Munro's Globemallow (PDF; 218 KB) Yellow Sweetclover & White Sweetclover (PDF; 256 KB)
Nineleaf Biscuitroot (PDF; 204 KB)    

Trees, Shrubs and Sub-shrubs Plant Guides

Document Type and Size Document Type and Size
Big Sagebrush (PDF; 543 KB) Rocky Mountain Juniper (PDF; 121 KB)
Black Greasewood   (PDF; 339 KB) Rubber Rabbitbrush (PDF; 167 KB)
Black Sagebrush (PDF; 353 KB) Shadscale Saltbush (PDF; 209 KB)
Chokecherry (PDF; 289 KB) Shortspine Horsebrush (PDF; 129 KB)
Forage Kochia (PDF; 364 KB) Spineless Horsebrush (PDF; 212 KB)
Fourwing Saltbush (PDF; 552 KB) Sulphur-Flower Buckwheat (PDF; 214 KB)
Lewis' Mockorange (PDF; 302 KB) Western Clematis (PDF; 68 KB)
Low Sagebrush (PDF; 179 KB) Winterfat (PDF; 252 KB)
Parsnipflower Buckwheat (PDF; 335 KB) Yellow Rabbitbrush (PDF; 446 KB
Plains Pricklypear (PDF; 207KB)    

Wetland Plant Guides

Document Type and Size Document Type and Size
Common Reed (PDF; 309 KB) Hardstem Bulrush (PDF; 378 KB)
Common Spikerush (PDF; 277 KB) Mountain Rush (PDF; 205 KB)
Common Threesquare  (PDF; 220 KB) Nebraska Sedge (PDF; 358 KB)
Cosmopolitan Bulrush (PDF; 132 KB) Water Sedge (PDF; 167 KB)

Idaho Threatened, Endangered and Candidate Species Plant Guides

Document Type and Size Document Type and Size
Christ's Indian Paintbrush (PDF; 104 KB) Spalding's Catchfly (PDF: 64 KB)
Goose Creek Milkvetch  (PDF; 73 KB) Ute Ladies'-Tresses (PDF; 126 KB)
Packard's Milkvetch (PDF; 161 KB) Water Howellia (PDF; 62 KB)
Macfarlane's Four-O'-Clock (PDF; 70 KB) Whitebark Pine (PDF; 248 KB)
Slickspot Peppergrass   (PDF; 169 KB)    

Utah Threatened, Endangered and Candidate Species Plant Guides

Document Type and Size Document Type and Size
Atwood's Phacelia (PDF; 114 KB) Las Vegas Buckwheat (PDF; 64 KB)
Autumn Buttercup (PDF; 49 KB) Maguire Daisy (PDF; 93 KB)
Barneby Ridge-Cress (PDF; 77 KB) Maguire Primrose (PDF; 69 KB)
Barneby Reed-Mustard (PDF; 132 KB) Navajo Sedge (PDF; 150 KB)
Breaks Bladderpod (PDF; 88 KB) Ostler's Pepperweed (PDF; 348 KB)
Clay Reed-Mustard (PDF; 110 KB) San Rafael Cactus (PDF; 86 KB)
Deseret Milkvetch (PDF; 125 KB) Shivwits Milkvetch (PDF; 82 KB)
Dwarf Bear Poppy (PDF; 70 KB) Siler's Pincushion Cactus (PDF; 301 KB)
Frisco Buckwheat (PDF; 382 KB) Uinta Basin Hookless Cactus Complex (PDF; 201 KB)
Frisco Clover (PDF; 101 KB) Uinta Basin Waxfruit (PDF; 127 KB)
Gierisch Mallow (PDF; 137 KB) Ute Ladies'-Tresses (PDF; 126 KB)
Goose Creek Milkvetch (PDF; 73 KB) Welsh's Milkweed (PDF; 163 KB)
Heliotrope Milkvetch (PDF; 105 KB) White River Penstemon (PDF; 132 KB)
Holmgren Milkvetch (PDF; 164 KB) Winkler's Pincushion Cactus (PDF; 70 KB)
Jones' Waxy Dogbane (PDF; 57 KB) Wright Fishhook Cactus (PDF; 70 KB)
Last Chance Townsendia (PDF; 96 KB)    

Plant Fact Sheets

Document Type and Size Document Type and Size
Bluebunch Wheatgrass (PDF; 212 KB) Nebraska Sedge (PDF; 345 KB)
Common Spikerush (PDF; 250 KB) Snake River Wheatgrass (PDF; 143 KB)
Fourwing Saltbush (PDF; 182 KB)    

Idaho-Utah Plant Materials Technical Notes

Tech Note Index  (DOCX; 26 KB)
Tech. Note 1 Plant Materials Collection Guide  (PDF; 1.14 MB)
Tech. Note 2A Plants for Pollinators in the Intermountain West  (PDF; 3 MB)
Tech. Note 2B Plants for Pollinators in the Inland Northwest  (PDF; 9.44 MB)
Tech. Note 2C Plant Materials for Pollinators and Other Beneficial Insects in Eastern Utah and Western Colorado
(PDF; 7 MB) 
     Tech. Note 2 Supplement Gardening for Native Bees in Utah and Beyond  (PDF; 4 MB)
Tech. Note 3 Estimating Initial Stocking Rates  (PDF; 1.52 MB)
Tech. Note 4 Reading Seed Packaging Labels  (PDF; 595 KB)
Tech. Note 4A Filling Out ID-CPA-025 Seeding/Planting Plan and UT Planting Specification Sheets
(PDF; 1 MB)
Tech. Note 5 Riparian Buffer Design and Species Considerations  (PDF; 387 KB)
Tech. Note 6 The Stinger - A Tool to Plant Unrooted Hardwood Cuttings  (PDF; 718 KB)
Tech. Note 7 Mixing Seed With Rice Hulls  (PDF; 596 KB)

      Rice Hull Calculator  (XLS; 20 KB)
Tech. Note 8 Alfalfa Management Guide Section 1  (PDF; 1.4 MB)
Tech. Note 8 Alfalfa Management Guide Section 2  (PDF; 2.6 MB)
Tech. Note 8 Alfalfa Management Guide Section 3  (PDF; 640 KB)
Tech. Note 9A Plants for Saline to Sodic Soil Conditions  (PDF; 123 KB)
Tech. Note 9B Plant Materials Salinity Trials  (PDF; 569 KB)
Tech. Note 10 Pasture and Range Seedings, Planning-Installation-Evaluation-Management  (PDF; 825 KB)
Tech. Note 11 Pastures - Species and Grazing Management Guidelines  (PDF; 412 KB)
      Pasture and Grazing Management in the Northwest  (PDF; 5.1 MB)
Tech. Note 12 Guidelines for Determining Stand Establishment on Pasture, Range and Conservation Seedings
(PDF; 312 KB)
     Tech. Note 12 Attachment - Job sheet  (XLSM; 27 KB)
Tech. Note 13 Principles of Seedbed Preparation for Conservation Seedings  (PDF; 1.09 MB)
Tech. Note 14 Seed Production Standards for Conservation Plants  (PDF; 190 KB)
Tech. Note 15 Managing Black Greasewood Sites  (PDF; 490 KB)
Tech. Note 16 Green Strips or Vegetative Fuel Breaks  (PDF; 547 KB)
Tech. Note 17 Field and Demonstration Plantings  (PDF; 667 KB)
Tech. Note 18 Basic Biology, Distribution and Vegetative Suppression of Four Knapweed Species
(PDF; 180 KB)
Tech. Note 19 Calibrating a Seed Drill for Conservation Plantings  (PDF; 202 KB)
Tech. Note 20 Calibrating the Truax Rough Rider Seed Drill for Restoration Plantings  (PDF; 713 KB)
Tech. Note 21 Planting Willow and Cottonwood Poles under Rock Riprap  (PDF; 637 KB)
Tech. Note 22 Wetland Sodmats  (PDF; 277 KB)
Tech. Note 23 How to Plant Willows and Cottonwoods for Riparian Rehabilitation  (PDF; 1.7 MB)
Tech. Note 24 Conservation Plant Species for the Intermountain West  (PDF; 1 MB) 
Tech. Note 24 Supplement - Intermountain Planting Guide  (PDF; 7.87 MB)
Tech. Note 25 Function and Operation of a Machine to Lay Weed Barrier Material  (PDF; 990 KB)
Tech. Note 26 Legume Inoculation  (PDF; 88 KB)
Tech. Note 27 Plant Germplasm Development: Traditional and Alternative Approaches  (PDF; 1.1 MB)
Tech. Note 28 Glossary of Terms For Use in Plant Materials  (PDF; 223 KB)
Tech. Note 29A Revegetation Effectiveness - Evaluation of Four Selected Wildfire Disturbed Rangeland and Forestland Sites in Idaho and Oregon  (PDF; 426 KB)
Tech. Note 29B Revegetation Effectiveness - Long Term Evaluation of Nine Selected Wildfire and Logging Disturbed Forestland Sites in Montana  (PDF; 286 KB)
Tech. Note 30 Perennial Ryegrass for Irrigated Pasture in the Intermountain West  (PDF; 129 KB)
Tech. Note 31 Switchgrass for the Intermountain West  (PDF; 135 KB)
Tech. Note 32 Native Shrubs and Trees for Riparian Areas in the Intermountain West  (PDF; 4.7 MB)
Tech. Note 33 Plant and Seed Vendors for Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Eastern Oregon, Utah, Eastern Washington, Wyoming  (PDF; 160 KB)
Tech. Note 34 Guidelines to Reduce Rodent Damage While Establishing Windbreaks  (PDF; 68 KB)
     Tech. Note 34 Supplement - Meadow Voles and Pocket Gophers: Management in Lawns, Gardens, and
     Cropland (PDF; 1.49 MB)
Tech. Note 35 A Quick Method to Estimate Germination Percentages for Seed Species  (PDF; 209 KB)
Tech. Note 36 Optimize Forage Quality by Afternoon Harvesting  (PDF; 139 KB)
Tech. Note 37 Hybrid Poplar - An Alternative Crop for the Intermountain West  (PDF; 35 KB)
Tech. Note 38 Description, Propagation and Establishment of Wetland-Riparian Grass and Grass-like Species in the Intermountain West  (PDF; 2.55 MB)
Tech. Note 39 Waterjet Stinger: A Tool to Plant Dormant Unrooted Cuttings of Willows, Cottonwoods, Dogwoods and Other Species  (PDF; 669 KB)
Tech. Note 40 Biology, History and Suppression of Reed Canarygrass  (PDF; 247 KB)
Tech. Note 41 Restoration of Plant Communities with Woody Plants  (PDF; 77 KB)
Tech. Note 42 Willow Clump Plantings  (PDF; 1.26 MB)
Tech. Note 43 Tree and Shrub Planting, Care and Management  (PDF; 1.21 MB)
Tech. Note 44 Using Windbreaks to Reduce Odors Associated with Livestock Production Facilities  (PDF; 1 MB)
Tech. Note 45 Temporary Storage and Handling of Container, Bareroot and Cutting Stock  (PDF; 275 KB)
Tech. Note 46 Proper Installation, Maintenance and Removal of Rigid Seedling Protector Tubes  (PDF; 895 KB)
Tech. Note 47 History, Biology, Ecology, Suppression and Revegetation of Russian-Olive Sites  (PDF; 219 KB)
Tech. Note 48 Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) Agrilus planipennis  (PDF; 218 KB)
Tech. Note 49 Weed Control in Woody Plantings: Herbicides and Application Techniques  (PDF; 754 KB)
Tech. Note 50 Conservation Shrubs and Trees for the Intermountain West  (PDF; 1.88 MB)
Tech. Note 51 Threatened, Endangered, Candidate & Proposed Plant Species of Idaho  (PDF; 1.02 MB)
Tech. Note 52 Threatened, Endangered, Candidate & Proposed Plant Species of Utah  (PDF; 4.15 MB)
Tech. Note 53 Vertical Bundles: A Streambank Bioengineering Treatment to Establish Willows and Dogwoods on Streambanks  (PDF; 1.14 MB)
Tech. Note 54 Evaluation of Planting Time and Survivability of 16 Forb and 2 Grass Species Native to the Inland Northwest  (PDF; 746 KB)
Tech. Note 55 The Jet Harvester: A Shop Built Tool for Harvesting Forb and Shrub Seed  (PDF; 580 KB)
Tech. Note 56 Phragmites Field Guide: Distinguishing Native and Exotic Forms of Common Reed (Phragmites Australis) in the United States  (PDF; 1.96 MB)
Tech. Note 57 Effects of Long-term Refrigerated Storage on Hardwood Willow Cuttings  (PDF; 207 KB)
Tech. Note 58 Native Milkweeds  (PDF; 860 KB)
Tech. Note 59 Ecology and Management of Canadian Horseweed  (PDF; 330 KB)
Tech. Note 60 Forb Seedling Identification Guide for the Inland Northwest  (PDF; 21.62 MB)
Tech. Note 61 Roses of the Inland Pacific Northwest  (PDF; 2.52 MB)
Tech. Note 62 Challis, Idaho Demonstration Plantings Summary: 1980-2013  (PDF; 1.8 MB)
Tech. Note 63 Evaluation of Perennial Grasses Used in Cross Wind Trap Strips in Eastern Idaho  (PDF; 2.52 MB)
Tech. Note 64 Review of the Lawson Aerator for Brush Management  (PDF; 3 MB) 
Tech. Note 65 Planning and Implementing a Seeding in Sage-grouse Country  (PDF; 3.33 MB) 
Tech. Note 66 Fuel Breaks to Reduce Large Wildfire Impacts in Sagebrush Ecosystems  (PDF; 1.12 MB)  News Release for this Tech Note
Tech. Note 73 Harvest Efficiency in Prescribed Grazing  (PDF; 557 KB)


Document Type and Size
North Dakota Tree Handbook  
Small Trees for Small Places - 100 trees for an urban environment (PDF; 501 KB)
Water Needs of Windbreaks for Trickle Irrigation System Design (PDF; 151 KB)
Trees Against The Wind (PDF; 843 KB)
Hand-Planting Guidelines for Bareroot Trees and Shrubs (PDF; 820 KB)
Planting Guidelines for Containerized and Balled & Burlapped Stock (PDF; 240 KB)
Living Snow Fence Brochure (PDF; 1.14 MB)
Weed Barrier Fabric Maintenance for Conservation Tree Plantings (PDF; 128 KB)