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Computer FAQs - ITS Access


I need computer access for a new employee:

 I need to delete or modify computer access for an employee/partner/contractor:

If you need to delete or modify access, a System Authorization Access Request (SAAR) must be submitted by the Information System Security Point of Contact (ISSPOC).  To request a SAAR, you will need to complete NRCS-IRM-03 and have it signed by a supervisor.  Return the NRCS-IRM-03 to Arin Nesbitt, 208-685-6979.

* Supervisors are responsible for ensuring an IRM-03 and ADS 900 is submitted to remove accounts for departed employees/partners/affiliates/volunteers.

The following document requires Adobe Acrobat.

* Request for ITS Access (NRCS-IRM-03) (PDF; 75 KB)

Please use the space provided for "Justification" to provide detailed and specific as possible information on what you need changed.  If you are requesting a Delete, state what you want done with user files, (i.e., delete or burn to a CD, etc.).

NOTE: Once the employee separates, all information on their work station will be deleted; please assure all required documents are backed-up/moved/copied and/or are stored in a safe secure folder.

Also, if applicable; CST folders checked out "Once a user has left the agency, there is no way to check these folders back in because the user's account and eauth have been deleted and these folders are encrypted."

Please be sure to have them change the pass code and message on the office phone as well.


Please fill out the checklist above, page 2 under Facility:

“Interim Electronic Directives Notification, General Manual

Title 360, Part 422, NRCS Separation Clearance Process, Subpart A, Introduction, and Subpart B, Responsibilities,

When non-NRCS employees separate from the Agency, the District Conservationists or RC&D Coordinators are responsible for making sure; equipment, keys, government ID (LINCPASS) and any other Government property are secured.  Below are the steps for the District Conservationists, RC&D Coordinators and administrative staff to follow to close out employment.  The District Conservationists or RC&D Coordinators will complete an ADS 900 NRCS EMPLOYEE SEPARATION CHECKLIST.  The supervisor must complete the top of the form with the employee's name, supervisor's name and phone number, duty location, separation date, the section Facility on page 2 and list applicable items along with signature in the certification block on page 1 of the form before returning the form to HR within five (5) business days of the employee's separation date.  Field office staff should route the completed ADS 900 to Human Resources, Attn: Chris Bergmann.

A SAAR IS needed for:
  • Requesting a new account
  • Deleting an account when a user leaves
  • Disabling an account (i.e., when a student returns to school and is placed on LWOP)
  • Changing an account
    • Shared Drive Permissions
    • VPN Accounts (see VPN Section)
    • Name changes
    • Transfer a user to another field office
    • Encryption Exemption Request
    • NFC/NITC Access
    • Other related requests
A SAAR is NOT used for:
  • Problems with your computer or connectivity issues
  • To request software installation
  • Being unable to login because of a forgotten password
  • Other issues with your workstation

For these types of issues you will need to submit a Merlin Self Service Request.

I Need a VPN Account:

I Need ToolKit:

After eAuthentication, employees needing access to ToolKit should contact Jerry Korol in the State Office, (208) 378-5785.

I Need to Know About eAuthentication:

*** After you create the account, you will receive a confirmation email at the address you provided in your profile creation.  You must click on the activation link provided in the email within 7 days.

The new user must visit the NRCS Local Registering Authority (LRA) for identity proofing.  This step requires you to bring ID and validate the information in your account, such as full name, address, and email, etc.

USDA eAuthentication Account Registration Aid (PDF; 2.66 MB)

If you need assistance in gaining Level 1 or Level 2 access, you will need to contact the Local Registering Authority (LRA) in your local Field Office or Service Center.  Listed in the link below.

Idaho Local Registration Authorities (LRAs) (XLSX; 15 KB)