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Saluting America’s Farmers, Ranchers Today and Every Day

By Mindi Rambo, Natural Resources Conservation Service

National AG Day, March 23, 2021March 23 is National Ag Day, a day to honor farmers, ranchers, and private forest landowners. This year’s celebration takes on special significance because of the coronavirus pandemic and the challenges it presented.

The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) has joined other federal agencies, organizations, universities, and stakeholders to recognize farmers, ranchers and forest landowners, their families, and workers who produce food, fiber, and fuel for the nation and the world.

This year’s National Ag Day theme, “Food Brings Everyone to the Table,” demonstrates the importance of conservation programs, effective risk management tools, and safety-net programs in helping agriculture thrive. Today, NRCS salutes our nation’s farmers, ranchers, and private forest landowners for their unwavering commitment to providing affordable, safe, and abundant food, fiber, and fuel to the nation and the world.

Thousands of agricultural producers have voluntarily used NRCS and Farm Service Agency (FSA) programs and services to protect their natural resources, invest in their operations, and manage their risks very successfully. Meet a few of them from across the country.

NRCS and FSA offers various risk management, disaster assistance, loans, and conservation programs to help agricultural producers in the United States weather market changes and recover from natural disasters. In addition, there are programs to help agricultural producers and forest landowners improve their operations.  Learn about additional programs.

For more information about USDA programs and services, contact your local service center.

Mindi Rambo is a Public Affairs Specialist with the Natural Resources Conservation Service in Idaho. She can be reached at