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Idaho Civil Rights Informational Resources

Civil Rights Resource Library

The Civil Rights Resource Library is a collection of various media for loan to Idaho NRCS employees.  Employees may discover a number of uses for these materials, including:

  • improve awareness of different cultures and races
  • develop outreach techniques
  • training
  • self-improvement
  • reference material
  • information for Civil Rights presentations at staff meetings

Civil Rights Book Review

The Civil Rights Book Review is intended for NRCS employees in Idaho to review and suggest history books that might be of interest to fellow employees.  It is intended to be an enjoyable and casual opportunity for NRCS employees to discover and read interesting books on Idaho and national history.  In these readings employees will gain insight into the treatment and perspectives of minority groups in our past, and compare those cultural perspectives to the situation which exists today.

The books entered into the Civil Rights Book Review section are available at most libraries throughout the state.

To suggest a book for inclusion in the Book Review section, please complete a review in the format that has been used for the existing books, and forward to Frank Gariglio at the Lewiston NRCS office to review for addition to the list.

Happy reading!