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Veterans Emphasis Program (VEP)

Observance Month:  November

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Program Mission:

The Veterans Emphasis Program (VEP) is designed to provide focus on issues such as employment, promotion, training, and career enhancement affecting veteran employees in NRCS.  VEP also provides a network of professional support for veterans in NRCS, provides information to all employees and keeps employees informed of issues affecting veterans.  Veteran employees who are interested in self-development find help through VEP.  The VEP program manager advises the State Conservationist of the concerns of Veteran employees, participated in recruitment efforts and serves as a liaison between the national program manager.

Program Purpose:

The Veterans Emphasis Program is directed at assuring that all veterans, particularly Vietnam Era and disabled veterans, have the full measure of employment in the Federal service. The legal basis for the program includes the Veterans Preference Act of 1944 (codified as 5 USC 2108); 5 USC 3114 (non-competitive appointing authority for 30 percent or more disabled veterans); Veterans Readjustment Appointment (EO 11521); and the Vietnam Era Readjustment Assistance Act of 1974 (38 USC 2104).  The veterans emphasis program manager (VEPM) assists leadership in the recruitment and retention of qualified veterans, particularly Vietnam Era, and disabled veterans.  The VEPM also assists all veterans in understanding their rights and opportunities regarding Federal employment.

Program Objectives:

  1. Eliminate concentration of veterans in single interval series to diversity and create advancement opportunities.

  2. Encourage the participation of veterans in all NRCS- sponsored programs and activities.

  3. Provide a network of professional support for veterans.

  4. Ensure that the veteran’s community receives equal treatment in all aspects of employment.

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Activities and Celebrations:

Memorial Day
4th of July
Veterans Day

Idaho Program Contact

Larry Mickelsen, Veterans Emphasis Program Manager, (208) 244-3751