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NRCS Surveying

NRCS Trimble Surveying Instructions
Name Description Date
TSC2 & Trimble S3/S6 Access Surveying Total Station Surveying using a Trimble S3 or S6 with Trimble Access 9/29/2010
IaRTN GNSS Surveying GNSS Surveying using Trimble equipment with a data connection to the Iowa Real-Time Network.


Base to Rover GNSS Surveying Use a Base and Rover survey when the cellular data signal is not strong enough for a reliable connection. 8/23/2016
Iowa NRCS Survey Field Code List

Survey field codes for labeling survey shots

Trimble Access Download/Upload

Using Windows Mobile Device Center to transfer files.

Stakeout Points Stake the location and elevation of points at specific locations. 8/23/2016
Stakeout Lines Stake the location and elevation of a line created from 2 points with elevations. Horizontal and vertical offsets can be used. 8/24/2016
GIS Points for Staking Create points in ArcMap or Toolkit and export them to a Trimble Access survey controller for stakeout. 5/10/2016
Layout Parallel Terrace Alignments Create an alignment for a new terrace from survey shots taken. Create and stakeout a parallel terrace alignment. 8/26/2016
Stakeout C3D Embankment (No berm) Stakeout an embankment from an AutoCAD Civil 3D design. No wave berm. 8/26/2016
Stakeout C3D Waterway Stakeout a waterway corridor from an AutoCAD Civil 3D design. 8/26/2016
Staking C3D Surfaces Stakeout a surface model exported from AutoCAD Civil 3D. Stake linework of the surface model by exporting shapefiles or dxf CAD files. 8/26/2016
Stakeout EFT Terrace Alignment Stakeout the alignment of a terrace that was designed in the NRCS EFT software. 8/10/2015
Stakeout EFT Waterway Alignment Stakeout the alignment (only) of a waterway that was designed in the NRCS EFT software. 8/10/2015
Update EFT Surface Export Units (spreadsheet) Relabels the UNITS of a LandXML to International Foot. For Iowa use with NRCS EFT software prior to loading into Trimble or CADD. 9/27/2016
Trimble Access - Stakeout Auxiliary Spillway Stakeout an auxiliary spillway after manually creating the horizontal and vertical alignments and template. 6/14/2012
Trimble Access - Site Calibration A site calibration is used to allow GNSS equipment to survey using a local coordinate system. 6/15/2012
Output for GIS Export shapefile information from a georeferenced survey for use in GIS. 8/23/2016
NRCS Ia UTMif Projection file (zipped) Unzip the projection file for use with shapefiles exported from Trimble Access. 6/14/2012





























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