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Iowa TSP Verification

TSP applications will be verified to ensure that the TSP meets NRCS criteria and is qualified to provide technical assistance, including design, layout installation and checkout of approved conservation practices. NRCS has 60 days to review the application. The review process includes verification of the following:

  • Training, education and experience requirements;
  • References (documenting technical service work and locations);
  • State requirements such as licensing, permits, etc;
  • Work history

In addition to meeting the national TSP requirements, Iowa requires submission of copies of applicable college transcripts, training certificates, licenses, and permits prior to certification. In addition, applicants must provide a resume documenting their work history as it relates to the category in which the TSP is requesting certification. TSPs must be able to verify work history or education which illustrates their knowledge, skills and abilities in each category where they are requesting certification. This information must demonstrate their ability down to the county level for each county where they are requesting certification.