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Iowa NRCS Engineering Spreadsheets





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IADentrifyingBioreactor.xlsx v1.0 Compute size and detention time for a denitrifying bioreactor for subsurface ag drainage water XLS (0.3 MB) 1/13/16
IaLiDARComparison.xls v1.0 Compare surveyed points with LiDAR based points exported from AutoCAD Civil 3D XLS (6MB) 8/7/14
NRCS C3D Storage Computation.xlsx v1.07 Converts AutoCAD Civil 3D NRCS Stage Storage Computation Data into SITES, WinPond, and CSV Formats XLS (132 KB) 8/1/16
Blind Inlet Capacity Blind Inlet Hydraulic Capacity, Sizing, Quantities, and Cost Estimate XLSX (29 KB) 7/11/13
Trapezoidal Riprap-Lined Waterway Design.xlsm v1.02 Hydraulic design of trapezoidal riprap-lined waterway, for angular or rounded stone ZIP (93 KB) 3/4/13
Semicircular_Drop_Structure.xlsx v1.03 Hydraulic capacity computations for semicircular-inlet drop structure XLS (1.6 MB) 5/7/12
Tr9_7.xls TR9 Circular Concrete Tank,
Spreadsheet for Excel 7.0 
XLS (127 KB) 7/2/14

IaPipeline.xls v1.43

Livestock Watering System Pipeline Design XLS (1.3 MB) 6/17/16
Rock_Chute.xls v4.03 Rock Chute Design Program,
Spreadsheet for Excel XP version
XLS (1 MB) 12/1/11
Drop Inlet Pipe Flow Program,
Spreadsheet for Excel 
XLS (205 KB) 1/09/03
Hood Inlet Pipe Flow Program,
Spreadsheet for Excel 
XLS (687 KB) 4/05/04
WW FieldBook.xls v.1.3 Field Book for Data Import of Waterway Survey in Eagle Point Calc, for Excel XLS (390 KB) 4/12/10
Drainage Diaphragm Size and Location calculations, Excel XLS (124 KB) 2/28/06
Riprap lined Plunge Pool for Energy Dissipation from a Cantilever Pipe Outlet, Excel XLS (443 KB) 4/12/10
IaTerraceCredit.xls Runoff Reduction Credit for Terraces, Spreadsheet for Excel XLS (50 KB) 1/23/08
IaDesignReportWSdam.xls v1.02 Design report & documentation tool for watershed dams XLS (1.4 MB) 4/2/08
IaAntiSeepCollar.xls v1.00 Anti-seep Collar Computations for Closed Conduits XLS (1 MB) 7/31/12


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