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Iowa WHIP Maps

WHIP Wetland Priority Area Maps  

WHIP Grassland Priority Areas

WHIP Shelterbelt/Field Windbreak Priority Areas

WHIP Upland Habitat Priority Areas North of I-80

WHIP Upland Habitat Priority Areas South of I-80

WHIP Forestland Resource Priority Areas

WHIP Riverine Priority Areas

WHIP Woodland Wildlife Priority Areas

Download/Printing Information:

To download County-scale WHIP Priority Area maps, select the "County maps" links above. Internet Explorer users right-click on your county file and choose "Save target as", and save the file to your PC. Netscape users shift-click on your county file and save the PDF file to your PC. The downloaded PDF file can then be opened in Acrobat Reader and printed to a color printer. The page size is 11 x 17". You may also open the PDF files directly in your web browser if it is properly configured.