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What Volunteers Have to Say

"Being an Earth Team Volunteer put me in touch with more resources that I can pull into my classroom to teach environmental concepts and nurture the responsibility each of us has for our environment."
Teresa Bufkin, Prattville, AL
Kindergarten Teacher

 "The Earth Team is a great organization for supporting educational institutions and increasing our youths awareness and knowledge of our environment and water quality issues."
Lynwood Allen, Prattville, AL
High School Science Teacher

 "I appreciate the opportunity to work as an Earth Team Volunteer because it allows me to continue to work on some of the conservation activities that I believe are so important to the protection of our natural resources."
Earl North, Auburn, AL
Retired State Resource Conservationist

 "The Earth team gives me, a partially disabled veteran, an opportunity to learn a trade to help me in my quest for employment. I assist the mail clerk and purchasing agent; I help to maintain a fleet of Government vehicles; and I receive and distribute freight. I hope my success with the Earth team will open the door for more veterans to be considered for volunteer positions."
Melvin W. Odom, Louisiana
Disabled Veteran

 "The longer that I am involved in conservation of natural resources the more I realize the truth of the statement that the earth belongs to a vast family, few of which are living, many are dead, and countless numbers are yet unborn. The earth is the life support for all people for all time. If we fail to protect it wisely we shall all self-destruct."
J. B. Earie, Louisiana
Retired State Conservationist

 "I enjoy working with the local NRCS office. It gives me a feeling of self-worth to help others."
Lilia Garcia, Frederick, OK

 "My goal as a volunteer with the NRCS is to help children appreciate the beautiful world that God has given us to use and understand that it is their responsibility to take care of it."
Sam McNabb, Chattanooga, TN

 "My goal as a volunteer with the NRCS is to see that the local office runs as smoothly as possible and by my volunteering helps take some of the load off of the staff so that the are free to go out in the field and educate the public. I also take very seriously the responsibility that I have to know all I can about soil and water conservation."
Jane Webb, Chattanooga, TN

 "I like to volunteer because I know that the field office is short-handed and I have the knowledge that they need. It takes some of the work off them."
District Clerk who volunteers on the weekends and evening, Arkansas

 "I volunteer because it helps my boss out--she is great! She includes me in her work and makes me feel good about myself and what I do. I am not just a district employee."
Spouse of NRCS Employee, Arkansas

 "I am interested in the environment and the work that NRCS is involved in."
Student Volunteer, Arkansas

 " I am majoring in an agri-related field and wanted and experience in agriculture. I was not raised on a farm or exposed to agricultural information in my family so I needed a way to get this knowledge for my future career."
Student Volunteer, Arkansas

 "One of my major responsibilities is presenting programs on Conservation Education to school children which I find both rewarding and a lot of fun. The place to start is with our youth. They need to learn the difference between "Conservation" and "Preservation" and the importance of both."
George McNeil, Texas
Weatherford Field Office

"The day I retired after working 38 years for SCS, I signed on as the Earth Team Area Volunteer Coordinator. The biggest reward I get is the feeling that I'm making a contribution to the goals and objectives of the NRCS and to the employees of the Terrell Area in helping them do their job.
Dorothy S. DeFord, Texas
Terrell Area Office

 "I volunteered for the Earth Team to gain experience and knowledge about conservation of our natural resources."
Curtis L. Stevens, Texas
McKinney Field Office

"I fully support the conservation and wise use of our land. The future generations of our Nation are dependent on this effort. I enjoy a continued professional relationship with the employees I come in contact with when I volunteer."
Marion Porter, Texas
Terrell Area Office

"I like doing the odd-and-end jobs given to me. I really like going to the "country" (in the field) and help lay-out conservation practices."
Peggy Pippin
Hartley, Texas

"Self satisfaction of knowing I am doing something worthwhile that will be passed on to future generations."
Bea White, Texas
State & Regional Volunteer Coordinator

 "Being an Earth Team Volunteer through the Green Thumb Program truly gave me a purpose in life - a reason to get up each morning. Having the had the opportunity to work with the Windbreak Field Trial Tree Plot and the Living Snow Fence has been a real inspiration (education) for me. I love the outdoors, the plants, and the experience of helping to maintain, expand and improve these two projects. I hope to be able to work with the Tree Plot and Snow Fence again this summer."
W.O. "Dub' Adkins
Pampa, Texas