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Grassland Reserve Program

The Grassland Reserve Program (GRP) is a voluntary conservation program that emphasizes support for working grazing operations, enhancement of plant and animal biodiversity, and protection of eligible grassland under threat of conversion to other land uses. Participants voluntarily limit future development and cropping uses of the land while retaining the right to conduct common grazing practices and operations related to the production of forage and seed.

Iowa 2013 GRP Signup and Eligibility

GRP is available on privately owned lands, including Tribal land. Publicly owned land is not eligible. Land already under protection from the conversion to non-grazing uses is not eligible. The 40-acre minimum enrollment requirement was removed in the 2008 Act. USDA is providing $225,000 million to Iowa for GRP enrollments in rental contracts in fiscal year 2013. Iowa NRCS has set a GRP application ranking deadline for June 21, 2013. The application process for GRP is under a continuous sign-up and applications are now being accepted at USDA Service Center offices throughout Iowa. Applications will be taken on Form AD-1153 by either FSA (Farm Service Agency) or NRCS.

Enrollment and ranking criteria for 2013 will take into consideration:

  • Grazing operations
  • Protection of eligible acres under the highest threat of conversion to uses other than grazing or forage uses
  • CRP contracts eligible to expire within 12 months that have a threat for conversion to other uses
  • Plant and animal biodiversity

Participant Eligibility

To be eligible for GRP in 2013, an applicant must have control of the eligible acres for 10-, 15-, or 20-year contract participation.

In addition, the participant must agree to provide such information to USDA that is necessary for determining eligibility for program benefits. The participant will be required to meet adjusted gross income and conservation compliance requirements.

GRP Application Materials

Additional GRP Information

Iowa GRP Program Contact:
Paul Goldsmith
Phone: 515-284-4353