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Whobuddies Adventures

The Whobuddies are six unique owl cartoon characters who really care about the environment. Each Whobuddy specializes on a particular resource. The natural resources include: soil, water, air, animals, plants, and energy.

As their mild mannered selves, the Whobuddies like to teach others about how important it is to conserve and protect our precious natural resources.

When needed, the Whobuddies combine their resources with each other to become their super selves and jump into action to get conservation on the ground. While getting conservation on the land is their main super power, they each also have secondary powers. The Whobuddies' names are the actual genus name the owl species belongs to.

In "The Mystery of the Sick Stream" and "The Great Soil Discovery" you can read about their adventures with Connor and his classmates as they work with the Whobuddies to help protect the natural resources in their school's watershed. 

*Character Descriptions
BuboBubo is a strong, powerful owl who really "digs" the soil. His main emphasis is to teach how soil conservation practices help in preventing soil erosion. Bubo relies on his awesome strength and power to move anything in his way. He is as powerful as a bulldozer and he doesn't like it when soil is treated like dirt! OtusOtus really knows how to have fun in the water. He also deeply appreciates clean water. He likes to teach others how to conserve this precious resource. Otus can remarkably turn himself into a liquid form which has its advantages. He can maneuver himself in and around any obstacle. TytoTyto can be a little flighty at times, but he is all business when it comes to air quality. He gives the importance of clean air his fullest attention. Not only can Tyto cause himself to float, but he has the incredible ability to cause other objects to become lighter than air, too.
StrixStrix is a funloving and playful owl whose heart goes out to all animals. He teaches the importance of having an abundance of wildlife habitat. Strix has the ability to communicate with all animals, and the animals all love his childlike play. They would do anything for their dear friend. NinoxNinox specializes in science. He enjoys using his skills and intelligence in showing others how we all depend on plants every day. Ninox has a special talent with the elements of science. His customized formulas can animate any plant species. AsioAsio is a real dynamo who gets things done. She is very energetic in teaching others about the necessity of energy conservation and efficiency. Asio is lightening fast. Her super quickness is a huge benefit in helping her complete any difficult task.

*Whobuddies created by NRCS District Conservationist Brad Harrison. Art by RODGON.

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Phone: 515-284-4262