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Iowa NRCS Training & Career Development




Employee Development Committee


Jaia Fischer

Business Services Specialist

State Office

Allen Gehring

State Engineer

Area 1

Clint Miller

District Conservationist

Area 2

Becky Scott

Administrative Management Assistant

Area 3

Joe Smith

Area Program Specialist

Area 4

Kevin Reynolds

District Conservationist

Area 5

Jason Steele

Soil Scientist

Partner IDALS-DSCWQ Vince Sitzmann Bureau Chief
Iowa NRCS Sponsor Jon Hubbert Assistant State Conservationist (MS)


In-State Training


AgLearn Frequently Asked Questions

How do I remove a course out of my learning plan that I signed up for, but was not able to attend?

If an employee is not able to attend training in which a SF-182 was processed, then the employee needs to go to the link and verify that he/she did not attend. It will ask you to verify yes or no if the training was attended. Until the employee does so, the employee will continue to receive messages regarding the training. Once the employee clicks "no" it goes to their supervisor who also will say no. This is the process for 182's once it has been approved and the end date of training has passed.

How do I input training into my employee's learning plan?

Q. I need to change my supervisor. How do I do that?

  1. Sign Into AgLearn
  2. Go to My Employee's
  3. Go to Learning Plan
  4. Type in the employee's name, and you want to add to their learning plan
  5. Click Next
  6. Search by key words for the training
  7. Click the correct training course
  8. Click on Add

Go to Profile, Click on Select next to the "Supervisor" line, type in last name and first name, locate your supervisor, click "Select," and then "Apply Changes".

Q. I know I've taken AgLearn courses in the past, but my name consistently is not included on AgLearn partner or employee lists. Why is that?

You have completed the training and the reports being sent out is typically those that still need to complete the training.

Q. My last name on the AgLearn employee list is incorrect.  Human Resources processed an action and my email address shows the correct last name. Why would AgLearn still be wrong? 

You have to change your Profile in AgLearn by going to "Profile," make the appropriate changes, and then "Apply Changes." Can I change that myself? Yes

Q. How important is it to identify a Supervisor in AgLearn? 

Very important. The supervisor is responsible for monitoring, approving, adding or deleting training from your Learning Plan. What happens if I don't enter a Supervisor? Nothing, because the AgLearn Coordinator runs a report, talks to the AFO, and then goes In and list the supervisor.

Q. I'm a partner employee, who should I enter as Supervisor in Ag Learn? 

The AFO has requested that the district conservationist be listed as the supervisor in AgLearn.

Q. I'm a former Federal employee. Do I need to re-register in AgLearn as an External partner? 

Yes, because you are now considered an "External Partner" not a federal employee.


For questions pertaining to any information on this page, contact:
Jason Johnson, Public Affairs Specialist
Phone: 515-323-2701