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Steps for Conducting Mid-Year Progress Reviews

This file requires Microsoft PowerPoint.
Conducting Mid-Year Reviews (PPT, 562 KB)

1. Open the Meeting.

  • Establish a relaxed, non-threatening environment in which the employee feels secure and respected.

  • Hold the meeting in "neutral territory" and provide a comfortable environment.

  • Eliminate distractions, such as ringing phones, email, pagers, etc.

  • Establish a positive tone when you greet the employee and welcome him or

  • her to the discussion.

  • Review the meeting's goal and in general what you will discuss.

2. Discuss accomplishments and expectations.

  • Provide a general summary of the employee's performance.

  • Discuss areas of success and areas of concern, in light of expectations.

  • Suggest further developmental opportunities.

  • Note changes to the performance plan.

3. Close the meeting.

  • Summarize what has been discussed and agreed on: ask the employee for input.

  • Confirm any follow-up actions.

  • Express commitment to the employee's growth and success.

  • Ensure that all the employee's concerns have been addressed.

  • Ask the employee to indicate in EmpowHR that the mid-year review discussion occurred.

4. Complete any follow-up activities.