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Interagency Coordination

Interagency coordination includes cooperation with interstate, regional, or basin commissions, compacts, committees and/or task forces.  The objective of the USDA is to encourage the wise use of water and related land resources.  Interagency coordination may include evaluation of any combination of water and related land resource problems.  NRCS is to represent, arrange, and coordinate appropriate USDA participation in the leadership for coordinated water and related resource planning, management, and operation activities.  Interagency activities may also include coordination and cooperation with other Federal and State agencies with water water resources concerns.

Activities include representation and participation in the following:

  • River basin commissions
  • Federal-State compacts
  • Interstate compacts and commissions
  • Interagency coordination at the Regional level
  • Interagency coordination at the State level
  • Coordination within USDA
  • Special task forces or work groups


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