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Miller County Success Stories

Miller County Success Stories

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Ole Mill Acres Subdivision Project Protects Spring Creek Watershed

The Ole Mill Acres Subdivision is located off Brinson Highway in Colquitt. The subdivision had dirt access roads and drainage ditches that deposited water directly into Spring Creek. The ditches had become filled with sedimentation to the point that some of the ditches were no longer functioning properly. During a rain, sediment was being washed into Spring Creek from the dirt roads and eroded ditches. The Spring Creek Watershed Partnership, funded by a 319(h) grant, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service provided cost share money to Miller County in order to correct the drainage and sedimentation issues. The funds provided were administered through the Golden Triangle RC&D. Technical support for the project was provided by the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS).

The Spring Creek Watershed Partnership provided $10,000.00 in order for the following sedimentation reduction methods to be installed: remove sedimentation that had been deposited into the ditches; cut the ditches back to a 2:1 slope; install new drainage pipes; build the road elevation in necessary locations; install sedimentation control structures; and seed the disturbed areas with a mixture of Bermuda, Centipede and brown top millet.
Four types of sedimentation control structures were installed through NRCS guidance: storm drain outlet protection, rock check dams, rock filter dams and silt fence. The NRCS worked with the Miller County Road Department in order to make certain that sedimentation control structures were designed and installed properly.

The Miller County Road Department did an excellent job conducting the work that was preformed during the project. Through this project the Road Department gained valuable experience from the NRCS that they can apply on a daily basis to address other areas of concern throughout Miller County.
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service provided funding for the dirt roads in the Ole Mill Acres Subdivision to be paved. Having the roads paved will greatly reduce the amount of sedimentation entering into the drainage ditches. This will allow for the sedimentation control structures to have less sediment to filter and maintenance will have to be performed less often on the structures. Atkinson Construction service conducted the paving on the road system.
The project was a big success with an estimated 83 tons per year of sedimentation, 121 pounds per year of phosphorous and 226 pounds per year of nitrogen being eliminated from entering into Spring Creek. Miller County Commissioners, Miller County Road Department, the Spring Creek Watershed Partnership, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the NRCS and the Golden Triangle RC&D showed what can be accomplished when organizations partner together for the good of our natural resources through the Ole Mill Acres Subdivision Project.

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