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Grazing Land Conservation Initiative (GLCI)

The Grazing Land Conservation Initiative and the Conservation of Private Grazing Lands legislation work hand in hand to ensure that technical,educational, and related assistance are provided to people that own private grazing lands. Heightened technical assistance offers producers an opportunity to improve grazing land management, protect soil from erosive wind and water, use more energy efficient ways to produce livestock and feed, conserve water,provide habitat for wildlife, sustain forage and grazing plants, use plants to sequester greenhouse gases and increase soil organic matter, and using grazing lands as a source of biomass energy and raw materials for industrial products.

Formed in the early 1990s to help focus USDA technical and financial assistance activities on the management of grazing lands, the Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative national Steering Committee is a privately led group with a grassroots base of livestock and forage producers. The federal Conservation of Private Grazing Lands legislation directly supports activities of the Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative by emphasizing grazing lands management through its technical assistance network.

More information can be found at: Georgia NRCS Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative.

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Conservation on Private Grazing Lands (PDF) (410 KB)