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Union County Success Stories

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Wolf Creek Farms: A Model Farm

In the late 1990’s, Bobby Lance’s Wolf Creek Farms was selected to participate in the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Model Farm Program. A team of individuals representing NRCS, The Cooperative Extension Service, The University of Georgia Animal Science Department, and the University of Georgia Mountain Research and Education Center evaluated the conservation needs, livestock management, forage quality and quantity, and livestock facilities.

Handling facility improvements were needed, for both breeding and working activities.

Nutrient management, pest management, prescribed grazing, and forage quality needed attention. A section of a stream also needed to be excluded from livestock access.

The results of the assessment led to the development of a plan that included restructuring the livestock handling facilities, which included the installation of over 11,000 sq.ft. of heavy use area protection, additional gates, and heavy panels for livestock segregation. These improvements were made possible through model farm program assistance.

In addition to working facility improvements, Lance was able to receive training and certification in artificial insemination and was able to purchase the needed equipment to institute his own individual breeding program.

The introduction of various clovers into the existing fescue pasture to reduce the effects of fescue toxicity, and increase forage quality and quantity.

Weed control for thistle and nutrient management applications have been included in this forage management program.

Previously installed cross fencing is now being used to implement a rotational grazing system. Three of Lance’s calves were evaluated in the Georgia Beef Challenge program.

The Beef Challenge was established to evaluate the health and performance of calves in a feed lot situation. Georgia calves performed better than the national average and Lance’s performed well above the norm.

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