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Banks County Success Stories

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Partners for Wildlife Grant Protects Water Quality in Banks County

Larry Maney owns and operates a cattle and poultry operation in Banks County. For years Maney had concerns about
the water quality of the stream that crosses his farm. Carol Boss, District Conservationist for the Natural
Resources Conservation Service in Commerce, and Glenn Head, Soil Conservationist, helped Maney obtain a Partners
for Wildlife Grant to address his concerns.

Boss and Head also advised Maney regarding the practices that were appropriate for his operation and provided technical assistance as he began implementing the practices. Utilizing the Partners for Wildlife funds, Maney was able to limit the access of his cattle herd
to the stream running through his farm. Two sets of stream crossings were installed, along with fencing along the length
of the stream. An alternative watering system was also implemented, with all water troughs being placed on heavy use areas.

“Mr Maney was very easy to work with and most agreeable to our suggestions regarding protecting the creek from further livestock damage. The stream crossings and use exclusion fence have had significant positive effects on the riparian area, while the new troughs and associated heavy use area protection have improved both water quantity and quality on the farm.”–Carol B. Boss, District Conservationist Partners for Fish and Wildlife program The Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program is a voluntary program to assist private landowners with fish and wildlife habitat restoration on their land. Georgia is the biggest State east of the Mississippi River and more than 90 percent of the land in Georgia is privately owned.

Therefore, the future health of Georgia’s land, water, and wildlife depends upon private landowners. In Georgia, the Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program has focused on the restoration of longleaf pine habitat, restoration of degraded streams and riparian (streamside) areas, and restoration and improvement of endangered, threatened, and rare species habitat.

Since 1995, approximately 145 private landowners have restored or enhanced about 11,000 acres of fish and wildlife habitat through the Partners Program in the State. The Partners Program is working with the Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission to assist landowners in restoring the integrity of streams and riparian areas by fencing out cattle and re-establishing buffer areas. This reduces erosion and stabilizes the streams. Costs of these projects generally range from $1.25 to $4.00 per linear foot.

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