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State Office Directory

Below is an abbreviated personnel directory for NRCS staff in Georgia. It includes state office employees, and employees located in our four administrative regions.(Administrative Region Map)

If you prefer, you can print a variety of directories via the online USDA Employee Directory.

State Conservationist Office Management and Strategy Engineering Americus Area Office
Technical Support Public Affairs Plant Materials Baxley Area Office
Program Soil Science/GIS/NRI Griffin Area Office  
Partners Outreach Coordinator Athens Area Office  

 State Conservationist Office

(706) 546-2272    FAX: (855) 417-8490

Name Position Phone Email
Terrance O. Rudolph State Conservationist 706-546-2272

Janice Lester Administrative Assistant 706-546-2420

 Partners Team

(706) 546-2272    FAX: (855) 417-8490

Name Position Phone Email
Tansel Hudson Assistant State Conservationist - Partners 706-546-2097
Michael Lowe Analyst 706-546-2081

 Program Team

(706) 546-2272    FAX: (855) 417-8490

Name Position Phone Email
Katura N. Wright Assistant State Conservationist - Programs 706-546-2083
Tyler Wilhite Secretary (OA) 706-546-2080
Sharon Swagger State Easement Specialist 706-546-2203
Krisha Whiting Natural Resource Specialist 706-546-2309
Lee Green Program Analyst (EQIP) 706-546-2095
Robert Chambers Program Analyst (CSP) 706-552-2535
Marcus Griffin Mgmt & Program Analyst (RCPP) 706-546-2254
Cran Upshaw State Economist 706-546-2072

Management and Strategy Team

(706) 546-2272   Main FAX (855) 417-8490
Human Resources FAX: (855) 452-0953

Name Position Phone Email
Dale Bogardus Assistant State Conservationist - Management Analyst 706-546-2059

Tillery Bullock Business Services Specialist 706-546-2118
Tonya Jones-Jenkins Financial Resource Specialist 706-546-2088
Jennifer Hesselgesser Admin Support Specialist 706-546-2018
Kandi Hostetler Program Analyst 706-546-2119

 Technical Support

(706) 546-2114/2115    FAX: (855) 452-0954

Name Position Phone Email
Tracy Cole State Resource Conservationist 706-546-2009
Joe Perry Resource Conservationist (GIS) 706-546-2075
Jodi "Niki" Morley State Archaeologist 706-546-2313
Steve Cleland Business Tools Coordinator 706-546-2090
Antron Williams Agronomist 706-546-2060
Amanda Sheppard Management and Program Analyst 706-546-2257
Noah McCoard State Biologist 706-546-2089  
Michael Sampson State Forester 706-546-2421
J. Philip Brown State Grazing Specialist 706-546-2061
Stuart Proctor Grasslands Conservationist 706-307-7615

 Public Affairs

(706) 546-2069    FAX: (855) 452-0954

Name Position Phone Email
Chris Groskreutz State Public Affairs Specialist 706-546-2069
George Garnett Assistant State Public Affairs Specialist 706-546-2312
Donnie Thomas ACES 706-546-2128

Outreach Coordinator

(706) 310-5108






Amelia Dortch

Outreach Coordinator North Georgia | Urban Conservation


Charlie Grace Outreach Coordinator South Georgia 229-268-9106




(706) 546-2310    FAX: (855) 452-0954

Name Position Phone Email  
Diane Guthrie State Conservation Engineer 706-546-2310
VACANT Assistant State Conservation Engineer    
Stephen (Steve) Perschke State Conservation AG  Engineer 706-546-2221
Howard Sewell Operation & Maintenance Dam Engineer 706-552-2537
Justin Robinson Civil Engineer 706-546-2043
Mark Hall Geologist 706-546-2204
Eric Harris Civil Engineer 706-546-2217
Amanda Sheppard Management and Program Analyst 706-546-2257

 Soil Sciences/GIS/NRI

(706) 546-2278    FAX: (855) 452-0954

Name Position Phone Email  
Gary Hankins State Soil Scientist 706-546-2077
Dee Pederson Assistant State Soil Scientist 706-552-2532
VACANT GIS Specialist 706-546-2075  
Dan Wallace State Resource Inventory Coordinator 706-546-2244
Nelson Velazquez-Gotay Soil Conservationist 706-546-2056 
VACANT Ecological Site Inventory Specialist 706-552-2532   
Amanda Sheppard Management and Program Analyst 706-546-2257

 Plant Materials

Name Position Phone Email  
VACANT Plant Materials Center Manager 229-924-0042
George Johnson Farm Foreman - JCPMC 229-924-0059
Nicholas McGhee Agronomist - JCPMC 229-924-4499
Larry Vanzant Biological Technician 229-924-0816

Griffin Area Office

Name Position Phone Email
Michael Watson Assistant State Conservationist (FO) 770-229-7791
Carolee Johnston Area Resource Conservationist (Rome) 706-291-5651
Margaret Blackstock Area Administrative Coordinator 770-229-7790
Michael Henderson Area Resource Soil Scientist 770-229-7792
Steve Blackston Area Engineer 770-229-7793
VACANT Civil Engineer 770-229-7794  
Dulcy Longino Office Assistant (Marietta) 770-792-0647
Chan Ly Civil Engineer (Calhoun) 706-629-2582

Athens Area Office 

Name Position Phone Email
Jack Lewis Assistant State Conservationist (FO) 706-546-2039
Charlene Brown Area Administrative Coordinator 706-546-2039
Deena Roberts Area Engineer 706-546-2031
Bryan Barrett Area Resource Conservationist 706-546-2032
Jason Wheatley Area Resource Soil Scientist 706-546-2013
Kelby Hobbs Agricultural Engineer 706-546-2093
Danielle Cifrodelli Office Assistant 706-546-2039

Americus Area Office 

Name Position Phone Email
Floyd Hooker   Assistant State Conservationist (FO) 229-514-3239
Stacey Duke Voucher Examiner 229-514-3240
VACANT Information Technology Specialist 229-924-5397   
William Darsey Area Resource Conservationist (Sylvester) 229-589-3331
Garrett Morris Area Resource Conservationist (Camilla) 229-785-3021
Sherry Williford Area Resource Soil Scientist (Tifton) 229-520-3424
Randy Odom Area Engineer (Moultrie) 229-985-5399
Pamela Brown Farm Bill Specialist (Vienna) 229-268-9106
Melissa Golden Soil Conservation Tech - Wetland Team (Albany) 229-352-6590
Zachary Gibbs Soil Conservationist - Wetland Team (Quitman) 229-263-4116
Andrew Swain Agricultural Engineer (Moultrie) 229-985-5399
Alan Woodward Civil Engineering Technician (Vienna) 229-268-9106
Lynne Roney Civil Engineering Technician (Albany) 229-430-8509
Mike Goare Civil Engineering Technician (Cuthbert) 229-732-6211
Verneishae Jordan Area Administrative Coordinator 229-514-3238

Baxley Area Office 

Name Position Phone Email
David Walden Assistant State Conservationist (FO)

Linda Altmin Area Admin. Coordinator 229-223-5285
Daniele “Spring” Thrift Area Resource Conservationist 912-367-6684
Casey Sowell Area Resource Soil Scientist (Statesboro) 912-871-2600
Carolyn Gill Administrative Assistant/Certifying Officer 912-339-5513
Brad Wright Area Engineer 912-871-2605
VACANT Civil Engineer (Lyons) 912-526-6633  
Agan Tankersley Ag Engineer (Swainsboro) 478-625-7771
Lewis Newton Civil Engineering Technician (Alma) 912-632-4832

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