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Longleaf Pine

Longleaf Pine Initiative
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Longleaf pine once covered 90 million acres from Texas to Florida, but today only 3 percent of the habitat remains. Florida is one of nine states included in the NRCS Longleaf Pine Initiative that gives financial and technical assistance for conservation practices that help restore longleaf pine forests and enhance existing stands. In Florida many are working together, dedicated to reestablishing longleaf, from nonprofits and conservation groups to state and federal agencies.

How Does It Work?

NRCS works with producers on private lands in nine states to improve the sustainability and profitability of longleaf pine forest ecosystems. NRCS provides technical and financial assistance to producers, helping them implement a variety of conservation practices such as using prescribed burning and planting trees.

The program targets priority counties that connect existing longleaf landscapes, providing better wildlife habitat and generating more environmental benefits, like cleaner air and water, because of the larger scale. These are usually located near military installations, national forests, national wildlife refuges, state forests or heritage reserves.

Landowners Restoring Longleaf Pine

Quincy Farm Grows Longleaf Pine, Increases Wildlife
Restoring Forest Benefits Wildlife
Naturalists Grow Wildlife, Pollinator Habitat


Natural Resources Conservation Service 
Several programs give financial and technical assistance to plant longleaf pine in Florida. The Longleaf Pine Initiative and Working Lands for Wildlife is available to forest owners in select counties to restore longleaf pine and create habitat for gopher tortoise and northern bobwhite quail. Landowners apply through NRCS’s Environmental Quality Incentive Program. A district conservationist at your local USDA service center will help guide you through the application process.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
Landowner Assistance Program biologists provide technical assistance to manage and restore longleaf pine and manage wildlife habitat. They can also provide information about cost share opportunities.

Florida Forest Service
County foresters give technical assistance managing your stands.

American Longleaf Restoration Initiative
Includes NRCS and partners like the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Longleaf Alliance, The Nature Conservancy, U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and others to provide information, workshops and management information.

The Longleaf Alliance      
A comprehensive source of information, history, education, workshops and management information for restoring the longleaf pine ecosystem.

Program Contact
Local USDA NRCS Service Center