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Brooksville Plant Materials Center

An indy plant mix grows well.

NRCS Plant Materials Centers research how plants can tackle resource concerns on the landscape. Twenty-five centers throughout the nation develop new technologies to restore plant populations, improve wildlife habitat and prevent water pollution. Since 1947, the Brooksville Plant Materials Center has provided new plant releases and technology for the southeastern US and the Caribbean Area.

Soil Health - A goal throughout this region is to find and use plants to improve soil health, which is greatly affected by our high temperatures, long growing season and high amounts of annual precipitation. Because of shared needs, the PMC in Florida cooperates closely with other Plant Materials Centers in the Southeast and in Hawaii to find plant-based solutions that will work to improve soil health for the entire region.

Technology - The Brooksville Plant Materials Center develops new applied technologies through on-the-ground demonstration plantings and partnerships with public and private land users and agencies.

Coastal Area Improvements – Researching and applying plant solutions for five Gulf Coast states and Puerto Rico with 1,500 miles of coastal beach and dunes and more than 2 million acres of coastal wetland.

Wildlife Habitats - The Conservation Reserve Program, Environmental Quality Incentives Program and Agricultural Conservation Easement Program encourage using native grasses, legumes, forbs and shrubs to improve wildlife habitat. The Brooksville Plant Materials Center develops locally adapted native plants for wildlife restoration and enhancement programs.

Erosion Control – Sparse vegetation cover, high intensity rainfall, winds, topography and land use management subject Florida and the Caribbean to soil erosion. Gully erosion associated with cropland and critical areas not only impacts agricultural productivity, but also increases turbidity, siltation and sedimentation of surface water.  Brooksville identifies plant materials to help prevent erosion and determines establishment techniques for these plants.

Learn more about the progress PMCs are making that may be of interest to Florida landowners in annual publications, or on the national Plant Materials Program website.


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Program Contacts
MJ Williams,
plant materials specialist, 352-338-9544