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Delaware EQIP 2011

Delaware 2011 Environmental Quality Incentive Program (EQIP) Sign-Up and Application Information

Tim Garrahan, Farm Bill Program Manager
Phone: 302-678-4260

How the Environmental Quality Incentives Program is Implemented in Delaware

The Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) is a voluntary conservation program administered by the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service. EQIP supports production agriculture and environmental quality as compatible goals. Through EQIP, Delaware farmers may receive financial and technical help to plan, design and install structural conservation practices and to plan and implement management practices on eligible agricultural land.

Applications for EQIP cost share are accepted continuously. Producers may sign up for available practices including agricultural waste management, integrated crop management, irrigation water management, erosion control, grazing land management, biodiversity, and poultry house windbreaks.

EQIP is a competitive program using a combination of statewide and county criteria to fund the most environmentally beneficial projects. Delaware historically has received applications totaling more than available funds.  Periodically, all current applications are batched and ranked.

All sign-ups are conducted at USDA Service Centers in Delaware.

2011 EQIP Documents and General Information

The following documents require  Microsoft Word Adobe Acrobat Reader or Microsoft Excel

     EQIP at a Glance
     How EQIP Works in Delaware
     2011 Other Eligibility Criteria (DOC;24KB)
     2011 Chesapeake Bay Priority Watershed Map (PDF;119KB)
     2011 Limited Resource Farmer Information and Tool
     2011Control of Land Form (DOC:26KB)
     2011 Form 4385 Farm Rental Income and Expenses (PDF;328KB)
   2011 EQIP Checklist (DOC;15KB)
   2011 Irrigation History Certification (DOC;38KB)
   Kent Nutrient Management Program Watershed Map(PDF;508KB)
   2011 Resource Concern Checklist Assistance (XLS;31KB)
   2011 EQIP Participant Checklist for NRCS Financial Assistance Contract (PDF;31KB)
   2011 Screening Tool for Transition to Organic Production (PDF;18.KB) NEW!
     2011 Screening Tool for a Certified Organic Operation (PDF;18 KB) NEW!
     Developing an EQIP Contract
     Delaware  Policy on Payment for Roofed Structures Over Existing Concrete Surface Areas    
     Delaware  Policy on Heavy Area Use Protection for New and Existing Waste Storage Structures
     Delaware Roofed Structure Site Assessment Worksheet (DOC;45KB) 

Delaware 2011 EQIP Job Sheets and Practice Information

2011 In House Pasteurization (Windrowing) - Job Sheet (DOC; 1553 KB)
2011 EQIP Eligible Practice List and Payment Schedule (XLS; 67 KB)
2011 Delaware Native Wildflower Mixes (DOC; 122 KB)
2011 Nutrient Management - Job Sheet (DOC; 44 KB)
2011 Nutrient Management Tiers (DOC; 50 KB)
2011 Litter Amendments for Treatment of Poultry Litter - Job Sheet  (DOC; 48 KB)
2011 Pest Management Tiers (DOC; 33KB)
2011 Pest Management Tier Job Sheet (DOC; 30 KB)
2011 Irrigation History Certification (DOC; 38 KB)
2011 Engine Replacement for Irrigation Pumps
2011 Irrigation Water Management Job Sheet (DOC; 28 KB)
2011 Residue Management Tiers (DOC; 50 KB)

Delaware 2011 EQIP Ranking Tools

2011 EQIP Cropland XLSX; 22 KB)
2011 EQIP Beef and Dairy HQ (XLSX; 22 KB)
2011 EQIP Beef and Dairy Other Land (XLSX; 22 KB)
2011 EQIP Beginning Farmer (XLSX; 22 KB)
2011 EQIP Organic Certified (XLSX; 23 KB)
2011 EQIP Organic Transition (XLSX; 23 KB)
2011 EQIP Cropland High Tunnel (XLSX 21 KB)
2011 EQIP Forestry (XLSX; 22 KB)
2011 EQIP Irrigation (XLSX; 22 KB)
2011 EQIP Litter Amendment (XLSX; 22 KB)
2011 EQIP Limited Resource Farmer (XLSX; 22 KB)
2011 EQIP Pasture (XLSX; 22 KB)
2011 EQIP Cropland Pollinator (XLSX; 22 KB) 
2011 EQIP Poultry Alternative Manure (XLSX; 22 KB) 
2011 EQIP Poultry Headquarters (XLSX; 22 KB) 
2011 EQIP Poultry with Land (XLSX; 22 KB) 
2011 EQIP Socially Disadvantaged Farmer (XLSX; 22 KB) 

Delaware 2011 EQIP Job Sheets and Operation and Maintenance  (O&M) Plans are available from the Delaware Field Office Technical Guide (FOTG) NEW!


Phone: 302-678-4260
Email: Tim Garrahan, Farm Bill Program Manager