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Administrative Contacts in Delaware

Who do I contact on Administrative issues in Delaware? 

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Eileen Campbell, Administrative Staff Leader – 302-678-4161
  • Supervises Administrative Staff
Rhonda Tyndall, Contract Specialist - 302-678-4163
  • Procurement
  • Purchasing, purchase orders, purchase cards
  • Contracting
  • Agreements, request for quotations, invitation for bids,
    contracts, leasing, tort claims, building maintenance, property/equipment
    maintenance of equipment, office supplies, vehicles, EZ Pass, postage
Eileen Campbell, Budget Officer, Ethics Officer, Training Officer
  • FOIA Contact - 302-678-4161
  • Budget formulation and execution
  • Accounts Receivable (billing reimbursements, both Federal and non-Federal)
  • Accounts payable (misc. payments, payments on contracts and agreements)
  • Special accounts payable (CCC activities, FRPP, WHIP, AMA, WRP, etc.)
  • Travel
  • Travel information and regulations
  • Travel credit card applications
  • Travel authorizations
  • Relocation
  • Ethics
  • Regulations and information
  • Financial disclosure reports
  • FOIA information and requests
  • Training information
  • Training in EmpowHR
Karen Stubbs, Human Resources Manager - 302-678-4173
  • EmpowHR (Awards, Performance, SIMS, Reset Passwords, Personnel Actions, etc.)
  • WebTCAS Coordinator
  • Recruitment, New Hires, Merit Promotion
  • Employment inquiries
  • Position descriptions, Position classification, Desk audits
  • Safety and Health
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • On-The-Job Injuries (OWCP)
  • Employee Relations and Civil Rights (Title VII)
  • Payroll Deductions (Taxes, Direct Deposit, TSP, CFC, Savings Bonds, etc.)
  • Health and Life Insurance, Thrift Savings Plan, Long Term Care, FEFFLA
  • Retirement counseling and processing
  • Leave donor coordinator
  • Telecommuting program
  • Transit benefit program
  • FLSA Determinations
  • Photo identification cards
  • Comp time/overtime approvals
Carole Nichols, Administrative Support Assistant – 302-678-4185
  • Accounts Payable (Miscellaneous Payments, Payments on Contracts and Agreements)
  • WebTCAS
  • Travel
  • Administrative Support