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More Information on Invasive Workshops

Information on Invasive Plant Workshops

NRCS has a toolkit of invasive plant educational materials -- many of which are applicable to New England and beyond. In Connecticut, NRCS is interested in developing multiple partnerships with non-profit groups to plan and conduct a workshop (or series of workshops) on invasive plants. Each partnership would offer a workshop directed toward a specific audience (i.e., land trusts, nature area managers and volunteers, town public works officials, etc.)

Examples of the kinds of workshops that NRCS is interested in promoting include:�

  • Generating awareness of why invasive plants are a problem
  • Invasive plant identification for groups whose members will be actively looking for invasive plants
  • Invasive plant management

For some partnerships, the workshop(s) might cover multiple topics. Invasive plant management information may also be found in the context of workshops on ecological landscaping.

If you are interested in putting together an invasive plant workshop, contact Charlotte Pyle.

For information on Ecological Landscaping, contact Vivian Felten.