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Technical Soil Services

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Technical Soil Services

NRCS staff provides technical assistance to land users and others who are responsible for making decisions and setting policies that influence land use, conservation treatment, and resource management. Technical assistance furnished by NRCS consists of program assistance, planning assistance, application of conservation practices, and assistance in the technical phases of USDA programs. Our soil scientists are dedicated to providing leadership and assistance in all aspects of soil data collection, interpretation, application, presentation, and integration for sound resource management.

Technical Soil Services (TSS)

  • TSS is the professional application of soils information
  • The goal of TSS is to assist users with understanding and properly using the soil survey information
  • The TSS branch of NRCS provides free assistance within the parameters of NRCS conservation programs to partner agencies, public and private organizations, and the general public

What Does TSS Do For NRCS?

  • Support conservation planning through compliance determinations and reviews (both highly erodible lands and wetlands)
  • Support other agency programs and initiatives, including NRI, ecological site development, and soil health investigations
  • Conduct onsite soil assessments and geophysical surveys for resource inventories, practice designs, and practice implementation
  • Support the Cooperative Soil Survey update mapping projects to keep the Soil Survey data accurate and up-to-date
  • Develop soil interpretations to help create soil maps specific to your needs
  • Conduct field and area office quality assurance reviews
  • Maintain official reference documents, such as the relevant sections of the eFOTG

What Else Does TSS Do?

  • Provide general soils-related information in person, on the phone, by social media, and by email
  • Provide soils-related training to partner agencies and organizations
  • Provide support for youth education through soil judging, land judging, conservation awareness contests, and Envirothon
  • Work with you to identify and obtain the soils information you need to address your specific concerns
  • Help you find and use NRCS tools and information resources, such as Web Soil Survey and Soil Data Access
  • Work with you on unique projects that required custom analysis of soil data and information

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How Do I Get Gelp With TSS?

Contact your state soil scientist or resource soil scientist