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Connecticut Inland Wetland Soils

Connecticut Inland Wetland Soils

The state of Connecticut defines inland wetlands based on soils. The Connecticut Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Act defines wetland soils to include any of the soil types designated as poorly drained, very poorly drained, alluvial, and floodplain by the National Cooperative Soil Survey, as may be amended from time to time, of the Natural Resources Conservation Service of the United States Department of Agriculture.

Map units may be dominated by Connecticut inland wetland soils, but have inclusions of non-wetland soils. Non-wetland map units may contain inclusions of Connecticut inland wetland soils. On site investigation is necessary to determine the presence or absence of wetland soils in a particular area.

The following map units meet the definition of Connecticut inland wetland soils:

Map Unit No. Map Unit Name
2 Ridgebury fine sandy loam
3 Ridgebury, Leicester, and Whitman soils, extremely stony
4 Leicester fine sandy loam
5 Wilbraham silt loam
6 Wilbraham and Menlo soils, extremely stony
7 Mudgepond silt loam
8 Mudgepond and Alden soils, extremely stony
9 Scitico, Shaker, and Maybid soils
10 Raynham silt loam
12 Raypol silt loam
13 Walpole sandy loam
14 Fredon silt loam
15 Scarboro muck
16 Halsey silt loam
17 Timakwa and Natchaug soils
18 Catden and Freetown soils
96 Ipswich mucky peat
97 Pawcatuck mucky peat
98 Westbrook mucky peat
99 Westbrook mucky peat, low salt
100 Suncook loamy fine sand
101 Occum fine sandy loam
102 Pootatuck fine sandy loam
103 Rippowam fine sandy loam
104 Bash silt loam
105 Hadley silt loam
106 Winooski silt loam
107 Limerick and Lim soils
108 Saco silt loam
109 Fluvaquents-Udifluvents complex, frequently flooded
409B Brayton mucky silt loam, 0 to 8 percent slopes, very stony
414 Fredon silt loam, cold
419 Loonmeadow mucky fine sandy loam, extremely stony
433 Moosilauke sandy loam
435 Scarboro muck, cold
436 Halsey silt loam, cold
437 Wonsqueak peat
438 Bucksport muck
442 Brayton loam
443 Brayton-Loonmeadow complex, extremely stony
457 Mudgepond silt loam, cold
458 Mudgepond and Alden soils, extremely stony, cold
501 Ondawa fine sandy loam
503 Rumney fine sandy loam
508 Medomak silt loam