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State Archaeologist Teams Up with NRCS for Cultural Resources

Dr. Nicholas F. BellantoniConnecticut NRCS is very lucky to have a long term relationship with archaeologist Dr. Nicholas F. Bellantoni.  Through an agreement with the state, State Archaeologist Bellantoni has done cultural resources reviews for NRCS for many years.

Bellantoni has gone well beyond the agreement and has served as a volunteer many times offering his wide range of knowledge and expertise. He has provided NRCS employees with Connecticut-based cultural resources training in the classroom where his gifted storytelling approach never fails to keep his audience's full attention. 

He also has provided many field learning opportunities for the staff as a whole as well, as for small groups of employees and Earth Team volunteers.  His ability to put what he encounters in the field into a human and historical context brings the past back to life. It makes people share his enthusiasm for doing all we can to learn about conserving cultural resources.

This partnership between NRCS and Dr. Bellantoni has been an enduring one. Perhaps that is because it works both ways. Connecticut's soil scientists have helped him with a variety of archaeology-related projects involving soil profile descriptions, soil pH testing and using GPR equipment to determine likely places to dig for historical graves, foundations, water raceways, and more.

In turn, assisting Bellantoni with the GPR has provided training for NRCS employees and volunteers and has led to new knowledge about Connecticut soil properties. The contributions hehas made to the natural and cultural resources work of our state and NRCS are invaluable and his continued support is priceless.