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Volunteers Sign Up for Farmington River Stream Team

Volunteers receive instructions for the streamwalk near the Farmington River.

Volunteers attended a 4-hour streamwalk training session given by NRCSers Todd Bobowick and Seth Lerman. The workshop addressed stream ecology and morphology, water quality, non-point source pollution, and the relationship between a community and its river. Following the indoor portion, the group ventured down to the Farmington River where they were given hands-on instruction on how to conduct a stream survey.

Through the survey, volunteers will collect information on existing physical conditions of in-stream and streamside characteristics of the river basin. Surveyors will observe and describe stream channel characteristics, water depth;, stream bottom composition, visual water quality conditions, stream bank vegetation cover, and adjacent land use. Potential impairments such as discharges from pipes, excessive stream bank erosion, or barriers to fish passage will also be recorded as areas of concern. This information will be used to identify resource needs and to plan conservation measures and restoration efforts in the Farmington River Watershed.